Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tonight, Grilled Cheese. Tomorrow, Hickory Burger. Sonic is PA-Bound!

Tonight, Grilled Cheese. Tomorrow, Hickory Burger.

Well maybe not exactly tomorrow, but soon Sonic will make a home in Northeast PA according to today's Times Leader. I am stoked to hear that a few business folks are looking to bring this fast-food chain to our area. I used to live off Sonic when I lived in Oklahoma, the state where Sonic is from! So, tonight I made myself a delicious grilled cheese, but soon I can savor the yummy Sonic menu. And, get service from my door window. (Oh- and that pic- I lifted it from someone's flicker- those aren't my 70-year-old hands....)

Thanks to network and cable TV, people of Northeast PA have been teased by Sonic for year and years. I heard many people I've watched TV with over the years ask, "What's a Sonic?" And because I lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma I can say that I've eaten there many, many times. I think there is one is Western PA. I remember stopping at one on a drive to Nashville.

I just can't wait for Sonic to get here- seriously! There have kick-ass tater-tots and Cherry Lime-Aid-- oh an over the years they seem to have added so much to their menu. I used to always get the Hickory Burger meal with a side of tater tots. Hopefully they still have that! Oh, and the chili cheese dogs. Awesome.

So, just wanted to throw up a quick blog post to make my excitment known about Sonic coming to PA!

Here's a link to the Times Leader Story, Sonic Expanding into NEPA.


JDorn said...

The ice cream and shakes are the best. They have this shake called the oreo blast which is my favorite dessert of all time! Ditto can't wait to eat at Sonic in PA!

Big Fish said...

I'm sorry Donna, but do you think the words "I just wanted to throw up a quick blog post" is worded poorly. I think the juxtaposition of "throw" and "up" following a fast food praising article is subliminally counter-productive. ;-)

Blaz said...

Alex would shit himself if Sonic ever came to Erie. We always hit the one near Lancaster when we visit our parents. I have to say, the banana cream pie shake is next to orgasmic.

T-bird said...


There is a Sonic in the Reading area. Rob and I have been there a few times. It is about an hour for us to drive there. I do sure miss the brown bag special, cherry limeades, coneys, etc... I remember when they were a weekly staple for Shawn and I. I think now that you mention it, maybe I will be making a run there in the next few weeks.

Some advise, sign up on there webpage. I am always getting info on new menu items and coupons.

Rob and I even went on the opening weekend of the Reading one. They had alot of great specials.

People that don't get Sonic, just don't understand. On one trip to Florida, Rob and I drove 2 hours each way for a Sonic lunch. Rob liked it so much, we stayed in that town to have it again for dinner.

But, with our family, we have the history of driving hours for dinner. Remember going to Dallas to the hardrock...and then Stillwater for Eskimo Joes (oh were under a matress in the tub). LOL Now I want another Joe t-shirt.

Chat soon. T