Sunday, February 24, 2008


I am in the drafting semester of my MA in creative writing program, the semester we've all been waiting for-- to get our ideas on paper and get sound advice from our mentors and classmates and just kick start that book that's inside all of us.

I have an awesome mentor -- and am late with my first subsmission- not a good way to start things off.

So why is it that a lifetime of stories for my memoir aren't getting on the page? I think it's because don't know where to start. I think I am too sponstaneous a person to work with an outline.... The bulk of this is going to be my early teenage years- but I feel like I need to start earlier. Can I start in the middle? Do I start at the end?

While I've been contemplating where to start, I have been looking at coffee tables on Ikea, uploading pics to Facebook and biting and feeding and turning people in Zombies on Facebook-- and other random online things that are fun, but quite distracting. In one of the panels we had at the January residency at Wilkes was to have a computer NOT hooked to the internet, that way you are focused solely on writing. I guess in the days of typewriters, writers were a lot more productive.

I have so many ideas and so much to write, I just am having trouble getting them "down on paper." Anyone else have the problem?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Green M&Ms? Aphrodisiac or not? Either way, great marketing ploy by Mars!

Happy President's Day. I wish for President's Day we were given a new president. But that's a whole other blog. Today, I will write about something that makes me happy: Chocolate. And instead of red, white and blue, I will write about another color: Green.

I was CVS the other day and noticed a bright green bag amidst shelves and racks and bins and boxes full of red, pink and white candy. Like a beacon in the night (how cliché), the green bag of M&Ms stood out from the rest of the Valentine’s Day candy selection. The sexy Ms. Green M&M was winking at me. It made me smile, and even chuckle a little bit. The M&M marketing team finally played up—and capitalized on- the old legend about the color green’s role in love, or is it lust? I marveled at the cleverness and bought two bags.

I remember in elementary school hearing that if you wore green on Thursday, it meant you were horny. Then later, perhaps in junior high school, I learned that bringing in green M&Ms on Thursday meant the same thing. Or, it may have also meant that they made you horny. Either way, there was a connotation with those green M&Ms. Of course, back then it took a little bit of work to separate all the colors and there never were really many green M&Ms left, but it was fun. Okay—not that I ever did that….

The Legend of Green M&Ms
So, I wanted to see where this green M&M and/or wearing green on Thursday tying into horniness myth came from. Lo and behold, the PR company for Mars, makers of the M&Ms included much of this knowledge in an official press release for the limited-edited green M&Ms.
The press release from Mars states the legend of the green M&Ms, which they now copyrighted as The Green Ones®, are an aphrodisiac. The release continues that rumors of the green M&Ms’ special powers have been circulating since the '70s. Furthermore, the release adds that an 80s hair band star requested in his rider three pounds of green M&Ms, as have NASA astronauts on 31 space flights.

The Mars company, who brought the M&M characters to life in recent years, created a fun and flirty ad campaign to go along with the release of the green M&Ms featuring Ms. Green. Is it not a coincidence that the only female M&M is the green one? The package even contains a disclaimer that reads: “Consumption of The Green Ones® may result in elevated romance levels. If you experience this effect, contact your significant other immediately.”

Sidebar-- while I was at the M&M's website, I procrastinated a bit by creating my own M&M Character- pretty darn nifty.... you can customize mostly everything, even down to eye color, shoe color, accessories, etc. You should make yourself into an M&M too. In hindsight, I should have made myself green.

According to, Mars actually created Ms. Green in 1997 and ran ads in 2001 for M&Ms featuring her talking about the green ones. Maybe its because I majored in PR and just love advertising, but I totally dig this move by M&Ms. They injected new life into a tried and true American candy, and pushed the limits a tad with a little innuendo. I just love that.

What Does Green Mean?
As far as where the color green ever got off meaning love, lust or being an aphrodisiac, all my online research points to 15th century Celtic traditions. In folklore of both the Western & Eastern worlds, green often symbolizes fertility, life and rebirth. However, it is also said that green is a symbol of the devil, as well as witchcraft as it is linked to faeries.

When it comes to pop culture, there was not a lot of research out there. defines the green M&M as the one that supposedly makes you horny, but aside from that, all I found were blog and message board posts about the sweet school memories of the green M&M. In regards to wearing green on Thursday, not much on that either. had a listing on that too, but pretty much stated that wearing green on Thursday meant you were looking to hook up that coming weekend. I did find some articles that green foods in general can act as an aphrodisiac- but I hardly think asparagus will get me in the mood.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Why I Don't Care for Big Box Electronic Stores & Our Living Room Make-Over

This is coming from a girl who had a six-month stint at Best Buy, between careers. Service at big box electronic stores is pretty much non-existent. At least at the specific ones Dave and I visited at the specific times we went. I don't want to generalize I suppose.

It all started with wanted to get rid of the couch and love-seat I've had for over a decade. (Which, I'll blog about Raymour and Flanigang later, now that it's delivered.) So, we decided while we waited for the Saturday delivery, we'd paint the walls. While brand new and in good condition, when we bought our house, the walls in the living room were laminated paneling... with a swirly green design-- it reminded me of wrapping paper. We never painted over it, but I really did despise it. So, now we have a nice, neutral, Earthy tone on the walls.

Since our living room is one of those narrow front rooms, we don't have much room now with the sectional for a TV stand, so we decided that we'd mount the plasma on the wall. And, since we're going to be doing some wiring and have to hide it within the wall, we figured, what the hell, may as well look at home theater systems. I actually think our living room is too small for this, but Dave wants it. So, that brings me to the first half of the title of this blog.

Last night, we went out to price and possibly buy the wall mount, cables and home theater system. Money in pocket in case we found a deal... So, Dave went to Circuit City while I went to Target to look at drapes. When he met up with me in Target, he said that there were four guys in CC attire lurking in the Home Theater section. Dave had questions, and not one approached him. So, he left.

Our next stop was Best Buy. Once again, I let Dave do his electronic thing while I went into TJ Maxx to see if I could find some home decor stuff (I found these too cool Buddah things for our bedroom), he ran into Best Buy. Once again, no one approached him. I was appalled because when I worked there-- at this very Best Buy- we were trained on the 10-feet, 10-second rule. You must acknowledge the customer within ten seconds if they get within ten feet of you- something like that. I know when I worked there, we did. Not sure if management changed or if the staff just doesn't care. Some of these mounting systems are expensive-- couple that with the speakers systems, the cables, etc. we're talking a large purchase. So, Best Buy did not want our money either.

On to Sears. It was 8:30, almost closing time by now. We walked into the Home Theater section and there were three people on staff. One was an older woman who just looked at us. Didn't say a word. Did she assume we were just looking? You NEVER assume in sales. So, a younger guy, his name was Shaun, was playing Guitar Hero on this huge Plasma screen TV. He actually saw us, stopped his game, and came right up to us. That's service in my book. He was extremely helpful. We ended up not buying that night since it was almost closing time, and he gave us some ideas... so we needed to do some measurements. By this time the lady, who I think was the manager, was counting the money in the register. I said loud enough to make her feel guilty, that we'd be back and we'd ask for him because we wanted him to get the sale because he was so helpful. In a clothing store, I can see not wanting to be approached by a salesperson, but in a section that requires technical knowledge and where consumers will have lots of questions-- those sales people at Best Buy and Circuit City should be helpful. I wanted to go to Radio Shack because the people there are always helpful, but maybe next time. We have to give the business to Shaun at Sears.

That's my story. Stay tuned to the prequel to this, about how Raymour & Flanigan doesn't want your money.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Inn & Restaurant in Poconos - Woodfield Manor- Right by Mount Airy Casino!

I had an awesome night on Friday. One of our clients was opening a new inn & restaurant in Swiftwater, Woodfield Manor. Friday, they had a cocktail reception for some people and myself and a few co-workers attended.

If anyone is headed up to the new Mount Airy Casino or anything Pocono-ish for that matter and needs a nice place to eat and/or stay, I would highly encourage you to check out Woodfield Manor Chophouse.

This place has been an inn since 1808- it used to be an old hunting lodge. Today, the new owners have modernized it, while still giving it that rustic ambiance. The place is absolutely immaculate. The interior designers did a phenomenal job. I just can't get over how nice it is. The inn portion of Woodfield Manor has six suites upstairs- we were able to see three of them on Friday. Just lovely! The theme of them all were rustic, yet modern with lots of browns and burnt oranges-- each room as TWO flat panel screen TVs! Out back, there are also 13 cottages. So, plenty of room for guests.

But what was even more amazing was the food. At this special event, the chef prepared appetizers and entree items to give everyone a taste of what would be served regularly at Woodfield Manor. I tasted things I have never tried and actually felt pretty cool about myself for being so open. On the appetizer menu was Shrimp Martini- a huge martini glass filled with shrimp, onions and other seasonings, Beef Wellington, lamb skewers and they also had this awesome fruit kabob basket. That is what was passed around.

Then, they had a buffet of more appetizers- two kinds of oyster shooters (which I did not try), an AMAZING lobster bisque, alligator sausage spring rolls which rocked-- my favorite of the incredible spread, some type of clam florentine-ish on the shell, crocodile bites (not the official name I am sure), and stuffed mushroons.

Then, they put out some samples of entrees, which would delight any serious meat eater. We had Filet Migon (so tender and yummy), wild boar (tasted like pork), elk (this was a little gamey for me), ostrich which was my favorite meat actually (it was topped with a garlic & cheese type conconction- incredible), and then creamed spinciach and mashed potatoes with Gorgonzola cheese.

The chef came out an met everybody- he is so funny and a totally creative and excellent cook. The wait staff and bartenders were so friendly and the inn manager and his wife, the restaurant manager were lovely. Just a total great night. I am so excited for my clients, Tina and John and wish them the best of luck with their newest property!

I already raved to everyone I saw since Saturday and am going to plan a trip with a few other couples to have dinner, go to the casino, the outlets and then come back and stay the night. So-- check out Woodfield Manor! I think they officially open in a few weeks.

It's on 314 East in Swiftwater, just off Route 611-- near Aventis Pasteur and my old high school, Pocono Mountain Senior High. (now, PMHS East).

I will update this post with a few pictures once I get them. To learn a little bit more about this property, you can read a blog post about Woodfield Manor here on the owners' corporate website.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Addicted to the 99-cent Snack Attack

Of all the fast-food burger joints, I tend to go to McDonald's the most due to it's stone's throw proximity to the office. I wish I wasn't so dependent on fast food- I've just been working such long hours lately that I rush off the work without making a lunch or I don't have time to run to a real restaurant when I go on lunch or dinner-- so, nutrition for me has come by way of 99-cent double cheeseburgers.

The other week I headed up to the traffic hell area by the Arena and decided to do the Wendy's drive-thru for something different. Figured I'd get the chili. But while in line, I remembered a recent commercial I saw for the Snack Attack Double Cheeseburger. So, I ordered one of those too. Mmmm. I forgot how good Wendy's burgers are- fresh! Never frozen! That's what they say. And the sauce on these burgers just rocks!

It made me realize how I never go to Wendy's- they just aren't on my way home or in my regular travels. But recently during the bad weather we've been having, I haven't been taking my short-cut-- so on Route 309 in Dallas- I pass a Wendy's. Last night, I picked up a Snack Attack Double Cheeseburger for me and Dave. I ate mine immediately and almost ate Dave's and hid the evidence under the seat.

Tonight on on my way home, around 8:30, Dave called and asked what was for dinner. I said I'd make something when I got home. He paused. I said, "Well, I could take the long way and stop at Wendy's for a Snack Attack??" He asked for two. And I had two. We're going to turn into a Snack Attack.

At any rate, I made conversation with the lady at the window who recognized me from last night. I told her of my new addiction. She told me that she loves them too, but likes to go to McDonald's for their broccoli & cheddar soup. I said, "All you have to do know is go to Burger King to get your onion rings."

She told me that Wendy's may be getting onion rings and also that they are getting cookie dough to mix in their Frosties. Yum.

Monday, February 4, 2008

My Nightmare- Was it from eating too much?

I ate entirely too much at Jackie's SuperBowl party. I had six or seven beers, but I wouldn't say I was drunk. I think I had too much food to get drunk. Everything was so freakin' good, I just couldn't stop eating.

So, I think my digestive system was just freaked out and on overload that it sent all sorts of strange signals to my brain, which then turned into a massive nightmare.

When we got home from Jackie's, I crashed on the loveseat. Dave went upstairs to bed. Then around 1:30ish, he heard me screaming bloody murder:


His heart was racing and he ran to see that I was just having a nightmare. What was so strange was that my cat, Spectra was lying content on my tummy like nothing happened. She must be used to my strange sleeping habits.

But yeah- I was being chased I think, and it was one of those nightmares where you are screaming but nothing is coming out. So you keep trying to yell. I guess in real life I was screaming because it woke Dave out of a sound sleep and he was upstairs.

I was literally sleeping and laying down, but when he got me up and back to reality, I was panting, out of breath and my heart was racing so fast- I made him feel my chest (come on, mind outta the gutter!)... it was one of the worst nightmares I had in a long time, at least in my body's reaction to it.

But yeah- my cat just laid there. That's the funny part. I can laugh now that I realized no bad guy was chasing me and I have my voice back. if you are interested in what dreams mean.

Do you use Protection? I have some to offer incase you don't!

I think this started as a doodle on my to-go box at Big Ugly's on Friday. A co-worker of mine began to doodle on my styrofoam box. Before I know it, three of my colleagues are drawing all over my box. I will cherish it forever. So, John Dawe created a little logo for by blog. Don't know why I never thought of this, but I thought I would share his clever masterpiece. I LOVE it. Thank you, Dawe-- so much! This is awesome. I mean, Dawesome. What a nice surprise on a SuperBowl Monday!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tom Petty is Playing @ Some Stadium Today

I could care less about football. However, I do enjoy the camraderie, pizza and beer and various dips that come along with attending a Super Bowl Party. I am getting ready to head out to my friend Jackie's house to enjoy the camraderie, pizza, beer, dip and MUSIC and commercials. I haven't the slightest interest in the game itself, and in fact did not even know who was in the SuperBowl until Friday at work. (It's the Phillies and the Yankees, right?)

I am thrilled. I am so glad none of that pop garbage is happening at this year's SuperBowl. This year's half-time show will ROCK. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, one of my absolute favorites, will make the television mean something to me today. Amidst all the poor saps who drop thousands to attend a stupid football game will be a rock & roll legend. That makes me happy.

I mean, seriously, folks like Justin Timberlake (who appeared on the infamous NippleGate half-time show) don't deserve to get to play in front of 140 million Americans, but folks like Petty, the Stones, etc. do. I don't know where they get off putting one-hit-wonders in this coveted musical time slot!
At any rate, I don't know what he'll play. Will he play a montage of his #1 hits leading up to a rockin' new song? That would appeal to the masses I think as most know those hits. But either way, as I eat my chips and drink my beer, this will be one SuperBowl that I will gladly watch.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

I Watched Two Girls, One Cup. Barf.

In my quest to find the "Two Girls, One Cup" video, I first stumbled upon reaction videos that I am guessing took place in a dorm room- they took turns recording their buddies' reactions to the videos, nearly every one of them had the gag reflex. Many got up and left the room.

I was telling a co-worker of mine about this video I saw about seven years ago that was pretty disturbing and the grossest thing I've seen. He said, "No, it was the #2 grossest thing you'll ever see."

That's when he piqued my morbid interest of the "Two Girls, One Cup" video. He told me about all the reaction videos, etc. But, he left the contents of the video up to my imagination.

I just found it online and finally watched "Two Girls, One Cup" and I made it through just fine, although really grossed out. Until the end that is-- yep. I just about puked too. Awful.

So, if you are curious and you don't mind scat, well, Google "Two Girls, One Cup." Just don't mess your keyboard up.


Not that Wikipedia is the most trust Internet resource, but here is a link to its entry on Two Girls, One Cup.