Sunday, March 30, 2008

What Keywords People Used and Found My Blog

I write my blog for fun, pretty much. I don't write it with SEO (search enging optimization) in mind. I don't pay attention to keyword density-- I just type away with whatever story or rant I wanted to share. But, also for fun, I have Google Analytics on my blog. For the most part, people who know me will just click on the link to my blog from my MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, e-mail signature or other social networking.

I also know that strangers from 44 different states and 26 different countries have stumbled upon my blog looking for things on Google, Yahoo and MSN. I thought it would be cool (and in some cases, funny) to blog about the keywords and keyphrases people used to find I find this kind of like Big Brother because what we search for should be secret.... I am sure my blog was not the research they were looking for, but hey, at least I had some readers-- no matter what circumstances they used to stumble upon my blog.

The #1 Keyword used: "Woodfield Manor" and variations
How many times my blog was clicked on for this keyword: 100+
Why I blogged about it: I wrote about one of our clients new restaurants/hotels. This is very cool that my blog is coming up in the search because I gave it a rave review. I think this is very cool as well because it means people are searching for this restaurant.

Other Keywords:

My blog about Two Girls One Cup got hits from these searches:
2 girls one cup, barf in cup, Two Girls One Cup, dose girls one cup, naked girls barf, naked girl barf, scat two girls one cup video, two girls + one cup scat video, two girls one cup web link, video of two girls and one cup

My blog about Green M&Ms got tons of hits from these searches-- probably the most cursiosity of any topic I wrote about actually:
Aphrodisiac Colors, Wearing Green on Thursday, green M&M thursday, donna green, green M&Ms + horny, aphrodisiac CVS, are green m&ms aphrodisiac, color m&m's aphrodisiac, green m&ms pr, green m&m character, green m&m band, green m&m thursday, how did the green m&m thing start, looking for green m&ms, meanings of the green m&ms, pictures of the sexy greem m&m lady, sexy green m&m, seperate out the green m&ms, wearing green is said to be an aphrodisiac, wearing green on thursday makes you horny, what does wearing green on thursday mean, why does green mean horny celtic traditions,

My Blog About Office Space and my old job got hits from these searches:
--Office Space movie + marx, Office Space movie + management theories, office space marx, sociology of the movie Office Space, movie the office space peter paper sociology

My Blog About the Wendy's Snack Attack garnered a few hundred hits through various keyword searches like: snack attack double cheeseburger, snack attack Wendy's price, wendy's snack attack, etc.

Other various keywords that I think are hilarious- in my blog, they seemed normal to write as they pertained to a story, but when they are just typed into a search engine, it just makes me laugh:

- her asscrack showing
- bar with expired license
- knew I needed gas
- bar catfight
- broke half driver's license
- can I get served if my license is expired?
- cave with train pennsylvania
- crash on Route 118
- donna best buy - I did work at Best Buy! Do you think they were looking for me?
- g club 10
- gmc yukon out of gas
- harmonica recommendations - this is one of my favorites
- is wilkes university the real deal
- hillbilly
- liking new things
- norman mailer agnostic
- racing eating too much
- self-depricating humor
- skippy+beer+lemonade mix+ how to make
- my cat is eating too much
- oh donna

And, a few people that I know who I wrote about have been searched for as well. They will remain nameless, but my blog obvioulsy comes up now when people google their names. I had a bunch of hits on my blog by searching for a particular person. Either they google themselves (like I do) or have adoring fans! I hope for the latter.

I think I have way too much time on my hands to look into all this stuff, but it's fun. I like data.

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