Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Drink with me Elmo

If I didn't lose the USB cable to my digital camera, I'd have a picture of the beat-up pick up truck with an Elmo doll attached to the front grill that I see every day.

Nope. I don't see it en route to work, or in a parking lot of a business. I see it from my living room window. That's right. I live across the street from what I dubbed the 'Redneck Bar.' It's actually a very nice place for a country bar. Good food, cheap beer and a pretty decent juke box.

But the regulars. This Elmo truck is there at 11:00 sharp every morning-- the bar's opening time. It's as if it is his job and if he clocks in late, his pay gets docked. Now, I can't vouch for him every day I suppose, but on the days I go into work late, he's there like clockwork. On the weekends, too.

Saturday, Dave and I were outside cleaning his van. Okay, I was outside watching Dave clean his van. The Drink with me Elmo pulled up. I ran inside to see what time it was. 10:59am.

And you know what? It looked like he was staggering on his way in. I know this man is probably retired, but I can think of better ways to retire. And it's not basing my life around a little hole in the wall bar in Fairmount Township, Pa.

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