Monday, April 30, 2007

I found $300 stashed in my basement! And my digital camera cord!

POST #1 of the day- It was a GREAT weekend.

I had more energy than I have in a very long time. I think I have that S.A.D thing, because when it's miserable, I lack energy. Today, someone even told me I looked brighter. After a great weekend and having a lot accomplished, for once I actually can't wait to get home to do more work! At any rate, here are some updates:

Flea Market = $300+ & Letting Go

I literally found $300 in my basement and attic. Not literally, but that's how much the junk I sold was worth at the flea market. From apartment to rental house to house, I have carried the same damn boxes and never unpacked them. I accumulate stuff and I can't let go. I wanted to have a yard sale, but someone suggested going to the flea market instead.

For example, I haven't worked at the radio station in almost six years. Do I really need every single t-shirt, giveaway and coffee mug that I ever got from the station or clients to remind me that I worked there? They sold like hotcakes. I didn't bring the t-shirts, but the coffee mugs were a hit. I also have a filing cabinet filled with papers I wrote since high school. I am a dork. I save everything!

At any rate, we got up early on Saturday and Dave did some yard work and got some of his things together. I spent five hours in our attic room, which is slanted to go with the roof. I have the lower back pain to prove it. I filled five large garbage bags with items I finally decided to part with. I actually have room. It felt so great to get rid of so much stuff!

We were up just before 5 a.m. and when we got home from the flea market Dave mowed the yard and I went through the kitchen and weeded out more things we don’t use, cleaned out the fried and just got rid of clutter. It’s time for this chick to let go!

I pretty much focused my efforts on getting rid of household items for the flea market, so I still have a lot of personal papers to go through. I save every article I ever write, but sometimes I don’t get around to clipping them out of the paper. So, I have four bins filled with Weekenders and Times Leaders and Wilkes U. Beacons. I also about four or five bins and two filing cabinets filled with paperwork and all my binders from every college class I took. Oh yeah—I have a big box filled with every note I got from friends in junior high—from when I lived in Oklahoma! I can probably weed all that stuff that down to ONE bin and ONE filing cabinet.

I seriously feel incredible now that that stuff is gone. There is a new book out that I want to get called "It's All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Les Stuff" and it says that a cluttered person can become depressed, anxious, etc. all things that I’ve experienced the past few years. My cluttered mind really ruled my life, I think.

Oh yeah! My camera cable!
I have a digital camera, but for over a year now I have not used it. I lost my cable. I did not have a memory card. I kept putting off getting a new one. While I was cleaning the basement,I found it! There were pics on there of Dave's nephew the day he was born. He's one now. Haha. I uploaded them to my computer and now I am ready to take more. PREPARE FOR PICTURE BLOGS!! Yeah! I almost bought a new camera, too.

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