Monday, April 16, 2007

Hospital Hoochies & Vertigo

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The Most Disgusting Thing You'll Ever See in the ER
You know, shows like ER and Grey's Anatomy don't show the sick stuff like this. Let me back this story up with what I was doing in the ER in the first place.

For the past few weeks I've been feeling dizzy, lightheaded and nausea. For no reason! This past week it wasn't so bad. I have a Dr. appt. on 4/27, so I decided to ignore this strange sensation until then. However, Saturday morning I could not even stand up. I can't really put into words how I felt, but it was so wierd. At any rate, the whole day I tossed around going to the ER. Finally around 7:00, we decided to go. We were hungry too, so we went to eat and then since we knew we'd probably be at the ER for a long time, we went to Barnes & Noble to buy books.

Mistake. The flourescent lights at this store were so harsh on me. My world was spinning. I managed to get a Vonnegut book. We got to the ER shortly after 9:00pm. We left at 2:30 am. This is what happened while we waited:

I said that out loud to make our ER friends laugh. Mainly, I was making fun of this hoochie. I do not like to use that term, but I don't really know what else to call it. Let me set this up. I was sitting between Dave and 'Gram.' Gram was there with her granddaughter, Alicia and Alicia's boyfriend Dominic. The were sitting across from us in the L-shaped waiting room. We didn't see much of Dom, though. He was cuddled up to Alicia in an ER-distributed blanket. The poor kid was shaking and had a temp of over 100-degrees.

So, these two girls in pink pajama outfits enter the ER with a stroller. As they pass us, we notice the one girl, who is still chubby from pregnancy I think, has her ass crack showing. She had her pants rolled down her waist, and she must have went too far down. We could all clearly see her ass crack. Sweatpants are elastic. They are supposed to cling to your body. Ugh. It was so nastly.

So, the baby Gram tells me, should not be in a stroller. He looks but a month or so old. Gram said that babies should not be in strollers until they are old enough to sit up. I guess a carriage is a different story. This was one of those cheap strollers-- the baby couldn't lay in it. Bad mother, she touts. This girl was also tossing the baby around like a rag doll.

So, the hoochie's friend supposedly was checking out Dominic. Alicia told her gram that the girl was smiling at her boyfriend. At this point I was thinking, "yeah right. She must just be jealous." Turns out, I was wrong. These hoochies were there for a sick baby, and were ACTUALLY TRYING TO PICK UP MEN!!!

The mommy-with-the-crack's friend moved to another part of the waiting room, now facing Dave and I. She had this shit-eating smirk on her face. She had her cell phone pointed at an oblivious Dave. Then, she quickly ran back to the other side of the room and flipped open her phone.


Jealous, I am not. Obviously I am not worried about Dave running off with a teenage hoochie momma. I was more amused, actually. So, I tell Gram and Alicia, who just roll their eyes at these poor, pathetic souls. Alicia can't get over the fact that they were trying to flirt with a hunched over, deathly ill boy.

The Drug Addict
Two men walked into the ER and from what I overhear, they had a friend who was high on some kind of drugs and went nuts. They wanted to see if he could be detoxed or something like that. At any rate, they bring the druggie guy in. Now, the one guy who was helping was kind of nice looking. He was a black man with those nice green eyes. At any rate, the two teenagers in pink were going nuts. They kept brining the man in and out to smoke outside, and every time they did, the girls waved to them and smiled. PATHETIC.

So, the nurse calls for Dominic. Alicia, Gram and Dominic grab their stuff and go-- relieved that their four-hour wait is over. About 30-seconds later, they walk back to the waiting room and the nurse calls for another Dominic. Turns out that little baby has the same name. How ironic.

At this point, the baby was only being seen by the triage nurse, so they come back to the waiting room. The older Dom finally gets called back. Not 30-seconds after they leave, the two hoochies start talking about Dominic, how he is cute and how his girlfriend, "Is so ugly anyways...." WHAT THE F***!! Are they there to take care of this baby or to get themselves into teenage pregnancy again???

The drugged-up man comes out a few more times, and the horny little girls squirm in thier seats and giggle and wave to him. Are they too stupid to realized he his high? (I give him credit for listening to his friends and going to the hosptial at least)

I was sick of seeing this girl's ass crack hanging out. It wasn't the 'thong' look that some guys think is hot. I truly think this was an accident-- that she pulled down her pants too far.

I finally got called back. While I was gone, Dave said the girls didn't say anything to him, but did keep giggling about something. He said that when they yawned, they leaned back and raised their arms, and he said both of their stomachs were all cut up. Like they both had c-sections. So, I guess they were both mommies.


Oh, yeah. Aside from the Drama, I was in the ER for a reason
As with any ER, they make sure you aren't dying and send you home. So, I was told I had Vertigo from an ear infection. My right ear was very red, he said. He made me do this test where I laid down and sat up really fast and shook my head really fast. He also said that I may have acid reflux disease. But, he only gave me medicine for the dizziness. I have to follow up with the family doctor later for more in-depth explanations I guess.

The two girls in the pink. I know I will see them in the paper one day. I just cannot believe how sick and disgusting these girls looked and acted. What blows my mind even more is that they are PARENTS. And, at the rate they are going-- meaning being in the ER at 2:00 am flirting with SICK people-- they are bound to be parents again. To put it the way Dave put it-- "No wonder STDs are such a problem."


Melody said...

Donna, having worked with teenagers for 17 years, many considered "at risk" youth, I know just what you mean. I saw a lot of this kind of no-appropriate-boundaries behavior. Of course, my job was to turn it all around and help them become productive citizens and good mommies!

Donna T. said...

Thanks to people like you, I am sure MANY DO "grow up" and get the help they need. I feel that same satisfaction when I enroll someone in our school and they graduate and get a better job, off the system, etc. I was tempted to give the girls my card... Thanks for reading!!