Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another Great Loss

You know you are getting older when your childhood heroes start passing away. Not long ago, we bid farewell to Mr. Rogers. We experienced another great loss yesterday: Mr. Wizard.

I grew up watching Mr. Wizard. While I was never great in science/math, I was always fascinated with science and experiements. Even this past summer when I took chemistry at LCCC, I thought of Mr. Wizard. I remember his experiments with static electricty and when he made the really big bubble by mixing up soap and water in a baby pool. I remember some of these episodes so vividly. I remember that I always wanted to be one of the kids in the episodes.

Someone at the site I write for contributed an article about him (beat me to the punch!). Check it out if you want. Mr. Wizards's real name was Don Herbert. He was 89-- so he had a great, long, successful life and probably inspired many of the doctors and scientists and engineers of today!
I am loving my new job at Solid Cactus. What a cool place to work, what a great and creative team, and what a kick ass product. I am stoked, thrilled and every other adjective that means excited. I made the right decision.
I am watching a penguins and seals doc. on Discovery right now, and if people aren't worried about global warming, they perhaps should start to think about it. Seals swim, but when they need to take breaks, give birth, make nests, etc. they need to go up on small islands at sea. Well folks, those glaciers are melting and the water is rising and guess what- those islands are disappearing.
Well, I have a movie to toss in. We're trying the Blockbuster mail-order thing. So far, no complaints. Never had a prob. with Netflix either, just trying them both and seeing which one we have more luck with!


The Enemy Blog said...

Mr. Wizard was the O.G. of teachin' that science to kids, yo! Thanks god Bill Nye the Science Guy is still with us. I luuuurve me some Bill Nye.

Donna T. said...