Monday, June 4, 2007

Old Friends

We went out on Saturday night for our friend Andy's birthday. We went to Hops & Barleys, my all-time favorite place. I used to be a regular there. A really, really regular. But, every time I go there it is like home. At any rate, on this particular eve I ran into some old friends that I used to hang out with at Hops, so it reminded me of the old times. I ran over with my camera to take a quick photo-- I'm just nostalgic like that. (In the pic, it's me, Ted, Cyndi, Doug and Brian.)

Ted and Cyndi are married now and have twins that are almost a year old. Time flies. Dave and I are engaged and have a house, and the friends we were with, Andy and Colleen are married and building their house. Where does the time go? I reminisced that night about when I was in my earlier 20s and was just worried about having fun. Even though I was always on my own since I was 18, I have more responsibilities now. Or maybe I am just growing more responsible?

But, the thing is-- when we get together-- me and my 'newer' friends or the old gang I ran into-- we all seem to party and have fun just like we're younger. I think that is important. Even though we may hang out less and less as the years go on, we need to have as much fun as we can and live it up! It's kind of sad to think that one day, we'll all be grown up with families of our own and see each other once or twice a year. Now, if we go a month without hanging out, it feels odd. Dave, Andy and I were talking that we each have to have a set annual party-- Andy already has Halloween-- that way we are guaranteed to see each other several times per year. That's a pretty good idea, I think.
I'm pushing 30. But I feel younger, and I still get carded. Age is a state of mind, really. I am glad to see that most people I know are still young at heart.
That's all for now. ; )
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