Sunday, June 10, 2007

Scooters & Nikki's 30th

I feel a little queasy today. Probably because I rode the scooters all night at Nikki's 30th birthday bash.


For those who don't know me, I am totally a beer girl. I love a good microbrew, but when I am in for the long haul, ala' party and especially in the summer, I usually guzzle down Miller Lite. So, when I get a little liquor in me, things tend to get out of hand. So, I preface the story of last night with that tid bit. (That's Nikki there with her new PIMP glass, but you can't see the word "pimp," darn camera.

So I guess King's College is known to teach its students about a wonderful concoction called a Skippy-- like the peanut butter. Sounds kind of icky, but I would not have drank seven of them had they not been "delish." It's beer, vodka and lemonade mix. Tastes awesome! I didn't touch the beer all night! The lemonade must take away the beer flavor and you can't even tell there is vodka in it. Oh boy!! That is trouble right there kiddos.

So, I walked into the pool with my clothes on a dare from Mr. Johnny Weekender. (That's him there on the left.) That was both refreshing and fun. Later, I asked someone how many 'Scooters' they had, instead of saying Skippy. Hence, the scooter was born. Funny! But after my sixth or seventh one, I kind of went blank.... You know. That just happens sometimes, but I think I continued to have fun. Gotta love an early party too, when you have that much fun and you are asleep by 10:00.

Some GREAT & fun people, too! Met some awesome new people and hung out with others that I don't get a chance to see out too often. Got to do this more often, totally. I posted some pics on here. I made the one black & white because I look horrible-- all washed out. I need a tan so bad! And, my eyes are closed in most of the pics. I wish someone got a shot of me in the pool!
A big thank-you to Dave to coming to rescue me, and to Nikki's mom for putting the jeans in the dryer and giving me a towel to wear around me. Kudos to her also for making a mean potato salad. And kudos to Nikki for making the Skippy-- oh my god. I just rhymed. A bar needs to start making Skippies, or Scooters....


Kim said...

Oh, I've had the Skippy or some such derivitive. It's freakin' evil but deliciously so.

Donna T. said..., so evil

The Enemy Blog said...

Mmmmm beer. I've been turning people on to Blue Moon or Hoegarten with a slice of orange. There's a microbrewery near me and we're going there on sunday for Father's Day. I'm thirsty already...

Donna T. said...

That's my kind of father's day, man!!

Tiffany said...

hey Donna--love the blog, can't wait to hang out again soon, and meet Dave (again!)

love ya--tstine