Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Spectra Kitty is my companion this week

When you are excited to do something, it seems like forever until it comes. I start my new job on Monday and am so stoked about it. However, this week is dragging. All day, I thought it was Wednesday. Then I realize. Crap. It's only Tuesday.

Dave thinks I should clean the house since I am home. Nah. I just wanna relax. So, I am playing the part of my cat-- just lounging all day. I don't even have the TV on. I am just kind of vegging. Well, when I am not blogging or working on my wedding website.

At any rate, it makes me think how good my cat, Spectra has it. Always a full food bowl. I also spoil her with some wet food. (Dave hates it. "It smells like fish!" he yells. "Well-- that's 'cause it IS fish!" I yell back... all in good fun, of course.)

She always has a sunny, warm spot to lay. And after dark, a nice, soft pile of laundry to lie on. (Thank goodness for lint rollers). She's a very happy, content cat. Kind of like me this week. I haven't relaxed like this in years. I have NOTHING that's pressing. Nothing that HAS to be done. I mean, chores sure. But no emotional baggage from work, no papers due, no stories due this week. I need this. But, my stint in a kitty-like state is over this weekend.

It's a shame it is raining because I wanted to start hiking at Rickett's Glen to get in shape. But the past two days it's been icky. And all that does is give me an excuse to be lazy like Spectra this week! Maybe it'll be nice tomorrow and I can get some exercise and lay out in the sun. I did get my three books in for my creative writing class in from Amazon, so I could start to read those. They must be read my the 22nd, so since I have this week off it'd make sense to read.

Then, Monday I begin a whole new career in the e-commerce industry. I am so eager to learn and get started.

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