Sunday, August 5, 2007

Bazaar Season: Indulging in Beer and Potato Pancakes

Newcomers to Northeast Pennsylvania always ask, “What is a bazaar?”

Usually thrown by a church or emergency rescue organization (fire, ambulance), bazaars are annual fundraisers, which involve drinking, eating, games of small chance, music... and drinking. Bazaars are a tradition in Northeast PA and they lure out all types of people. Normal people, esteemed people and people like the people I wrote about from my trip to Wal-Mart. But we're all there together, for the same reason.

The picture to the left there is the beer truck-- usually a cheap beer like Busch is served. Pitchers are $8 and then $6 for a refill-- not a bad deal. Most of the food is homemade- at least the food stand which has the biggest line:

Potato Pancakes!!
That’s one of the greatest things about bazaars. The potato pancakes. Circles of potato batter deep-fried to a greasy, golden goodness. You top them with salt and pepper and dip them in sour cream and, man are they freakin’ delicious. (The pic below just makes my mouth water!)

Other staples of the bazaar are also Polish in nature- haluski (cabbage and noodles) and pierogies. The music is always great—many of the top local bands in the area enjoy playing them as it gives them a change of scenery from the barrooms and allows fans of all ages to hear the music, as opposed to those of drinking age.

Dave and I went to the Lake Silkworth Fire and Ambulance bazaar last night and met up with some of our friends. We ate, drank and enjoyed 40 lb. Head. Then, since the night was young, we decided to head to the Hunlock Creek Tavern, which is kind of like the bar I blogged about a few days ago. Entertaining.

Nicole and I at the bazaar. I look like a ghost next to her!

At the bar, we had a few beers- and were entertained by a great band- 3rd Degree. They were really, really good and got the crowd going pretty well. We were also entertained by the antics of some very drunk and backwoodsy patrons. We then did a few pitchers of Kamakazie shots-- which were made with way too much lime juice. I got sick this morning. It was from that, I am sure. I don't think it sat well with all the food I ate at the bazaar.

Karen, Colleen, Nicole and I at the Tavern before the fun ensued.

One of NEPA's finest getting his groove on, Busch in one hand, stogie in the other. Note the girl in the mini-skirt on left of him. I have a better pic of her-- she had boots up to her knees and notice her dancing with her hands in her hair? They didn't leave her hair all night. I think they were stuck.

When we arrived, there was a reserved sign on the table. We were told we could sit there anyway. I put the reserved sign on my chest. I thought it was funny.....

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Looks like you had a great time.