Thursday, August 30, 2007

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

24 hours.


In Redneck Territory, where everyone likes to shoot at things in their backyards.

I wish my nine-year-old cat, Spectra had a little camera attached to her head so I could see what adventure she had the past day or so. On Tuesday night after work, Dave was hard at work in the garage working on the Dodge Neon (my soon-to-be gas saver)-- so when I came home from the gym I made coffee and brought him out a mug. I then sat down on the couch, did some work online, read a little and then fell asleep. Dave came in, got ready for bed, woke me up and then we went up to bed. It was around 11:00. Something was missing. THE CAT.

Dave told me that when he came in from the garage, the door was open. I knew she got out. She's only ever gotten out once before, but we got her right away. She must have been lured away by a firefly or something and eventually wandered off. I looked around in the yard, but couldn't find her. I decided to sleep downstairs with all the windows open, hoping she'd meow and I'd hear her and let her back in.

I woke up Weds. morning very early and went around the yard and the woods looking for her. No luck. My neighbor to the left, Jean heard me yelling and said-- from her bedroom window- she thought she saw a cat chasing a rabbit earlier in the morning. So, she came down and helped me look for a little while. No luck. I had to get to work. On the way to work I called my other neighbor to the left of me to let her know. Before I left for work, I put food on both porches, as well as a blanket so she could curl up and wait for Dave or I to get home.

After watching the Secret a few months ago, I learned to not think negatively. So,even though my imagination was playing out all sorts of plots, I just focused on my day at work, didn't talk about Spectra and just thought positive thoughts. I came home, and my neighbor Doloris had put catnip on the porch for me to help lure Spectra. That was so nice. Dave and Doloris and I looked again for quite some time. I then continued, walking a half mile or so up and down the highway, looking along the side of the road for, gulp, Spectra. And called, and called for her. No luck. It was about 24 hours now. My positive thoughts were wearing thin.

Before I went to bed, something told me to look again. Cats are on the prowl at night. So I grabbed Dave's flashlight and headed to the yard again. Jean had said she saw the cat and that also her boyfriend thought he heard a meow somewhere in the afternoon. But Spectra didn't answer our calls, and she usually comes like a dog when you call her. So, I decided to try Jean's yard/garden one more time.

As I shined the light through some plants, I saw her scared eyes. She didn't come when I called her so I hd to just scoop her up and carry her home. I have no idea if she was there the whole time, but something tells me she was and she was just too scared to come out because maybe she didn't know how to get home, or maybe the traffic scared her....

At any rate, her adventure is over and she's back to bothering me as I type. ; ) She slept with me all last night and I fed her a feast of wet food- her favorite. I usually only give her half a can, or a 1/4 of the larger cans-- I gave her an entire can. And I gave her a good brushing to make sure I didn't see any fleas.

My Specky's home! Nine years I've had her, and now I guess she has at least eight lives left.


NeoAuteur said...

I guess it's always good to have a friend.

Anonymous said...

has it really been 9 years since I brought her home?

I didn't have the heart to seperate you from her when I moved.