Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Random Thoughts

I heard something sickening today on NPR during my morning commute.

A (go figure) Southern Baptist college in the south- forget the name now- does not allow women to take courses to become a pastor. That's not the bad part. Guess what classes they offer, which are only open to women?

How to be a wife and mother-- the spokespeople at the school say that these classes prepare women for their most important role their ever have.... being a wife and mother.

The world changes so much. For instance, I am typing on a oooohhh computer. And I am able to communicate with blog readers via the WWW. We have cars now. We have DVDs now. We have telephones...

Anyway, my point is this. If we ae embracing so much change in most other areas of our lives-- why are their still such conservative views being preached to young women in institutions of higher education. After all, what kind of EDUCATION is that?

I'm going to college to learn how to freakin' iron and change diapers. I'm going to college to wear wrinkly unwashed clothes. I am thankful for the culture and broad worldviews I was exposed to at Wilkes and I pity the people who enroll in that class.

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