Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I finally got knocked up & some book news

First of all- my headline. Let me explain. I am a direct mail sucker and signed up for the Columbia House DVD club a few months back. I usually check the "Do Not Send" box for the monthly selection... until last month when the movie was Knocked Up. So-- yep. I got Knocked Up. Found out yesterday. Haha. I've been wanting to see it- I always go for horror and thriller movies when I rent or go to theaters, so this will be refreshing. Plus, I like Elizabeth Hegel.

I am in a procrastinating mode so I decided to Google and search Yahoo for my book ("Kids, Have You Seen My Backpack?" and Other Inspirational Stories of Non-Traditional Students: An Adult Learner Anthology) to see what I could find. It's been out a few years and sold a few copies, so I just like to search every now and then to see if there is anything new online about it. Here are some tidbits I found:

1) It sells for over $30 in Australia.
2) It is availabe at BooksFree.com which is like a Netflix for books. That's pretty cool. I should join and "rent" it and write a note in it. Haha.
3) It's used as a textbook at Drexel University for an adult learner's program- a class called Strategies in Life Long Learning. That is awesome that the 22 people in my book get to inspire other adult learners- I want to e-mail the professor and see what kinds of assignments she has with it... that'd be cool. I'd like to try them, too! (I'm a nerd; I LOVE homework!) By the way, the Goodwin College at Drexel has, since the book came out, used book snippets as testimonials, as two of the essayists attended the evening program. Coolness. Read them here.
4) And this one- I found a few weeks ago, but figured I'd share here. I am nobody, but this guy somehow got a signed copy and it's going for like $70. Can you believe that?! Who would by that? Haha! (Who else but me would search for that?!)
5) You can do a search by what Barnes & Noble stores have it in stock, and one on 555 5th Avenue in NYC has it! And, there is one left at the Arena Hub one too.
6) Google Books is the coolest thing- I didn't even know this, but I guess through the publisher they have a deal to show previews... Check it out here.
7)You can do a national library search at Google Books too- my book is available at 13 that were found, from Penn State Scranton to schools in Florida, Ohio, Washington, Cali, and Colorado.

--I just get a kick out of this stuff. I don't have a lot of money to put toward marketing my book, so this is pretty cool that it got to all these places with minimal effort- I am thinking about putting out a revised edition soon. What do you think?

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