Thursday, November 15, 2007

The View- I celebrated Whoppi's Birthday!

I had quite the adventure getting there and getting home-- more on that later ( A LOT more on that later!!)- but Steph and I were at the View on Tuesday.
Bill O'Reilly and Marc Cohn were the guests that day. I love "Walking in Memphis," which he performed a snippet of for Whoopi Goldberg when her cake was wheeled out. Prior to that, he played a song of his new album and talked about his hiatus from releasing new music, and how he got back on track after being shot in the head in Denver. Cool guy and super talented. Marc Cohn's band and back-up singers were really good too. I'd go see him in concert for sure if he came around here.

Bill O'Reilly? Eh. I am way too liberal for him, but I must say that I could agree with him on the topic of his new book, "Kids are Americans, Too" which basically states that parents are absent these days, while the kids are the boss. Despite me disagreeing with him most of the time, I suppose it was cool. I would have loved if it was Michael Moore, though!

The women were a hoot. Didn't interact with the audience as much as other shows I have gone to, but there is just so much that has to be done behind the scenes in those few minutes during the commercial breaks. I was just so excited to see Whoopi Goldberg in person- I mean, I grew up loving her. It was awesome to be that close to the icon, Barbara Walters on the set of the View, too. Joy and Sherri are a hoot as well!! But Whoopi-- she's been making me laugh since I was a kid.

We made out well with the gifts, too. I did not even know they gave out gifts on the View until a few weeks ago when some friends of mine went. Here is what we received:

1.) Bill O'Reilly's book, "Kids are Americans, Too"
2.) Marc Cohn's new CD
3.) A Tickle Me Elmo
4.) $100 gift card to Daffy's
5.) Candy bar from the Retro Candy Bar
6.) Piece of strawberry shortcake served in a commemorative Whoopi's Birthday Bash pint glass.

Good times!! Thanks Steph for coming with me. And... stay tuned to read about my adventure. This is the first time I have been at my home computer since Monday-- and it's 8:00am on Thursday... yep. That should clue you in to the adventure I had.

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