Thursday, February 7, 2008

Addicted to the 99-cent Snack Attack

Of all the fast-food burger joints, I tend to go to McDonald's the most due to it's stone's throw proximity to the office. I wish I wasn't so dependent on fast food- I've just been working such long hours lately that I rush off the work without making a lunch or I don't have time to run to a real restaurant when I go on lunch or dinner-- so, nutrition for me has come by way of 99-cent double cheeseburgers.

The other week I headed up to the traffic hell area by the Arena and decided to do the Wendy's drive-thru for something different. Figured I'd get the chili. But while in line, I remembered a recent commercial I saw for the Snack Attack Double Cheeseburger. So, I ordered one of those too. Mmmm. I forgot how good Wendy's burgers are- fresh! Never frozen! That's what they say. And the sauce on these burgers just rocks!

It made me realize how I never go to Wendy's- they just aren't on my way home or in my regular travels. But recently during the bad weather we've been having, I haven't been taking my short-cut-- so on Route 309 in Dallas- I pass a Wendy's. Last night, I picked up a Snack Attack Double Cheeseburger for me and Dave. I ate mine immediately and almost ate Dave's and hid the evidence under the seat.

Tonight on on my way home, around 8:30, Dave called and asked what was for dinner. I said I'd make something when I got home. He paused. I said, "Well, I could take the long way and stop at Wendy's for a Snack Attack??" He asked for two. And I had two. We're going to turn into a Snack Attack.

At any rate, I made conversation with the lady at the window who recognized me from last night. I told her of my new addiction. She told me that she loves them too, but likes to go to McDonald's for their broccoli & cheddar soup. I said, "All you have to do know is go to Burger King to get your onion rings."

She told me that Wendy's may be getting onion rings and also that they are getting cookie dough to mix in their Frosties. Yum.

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I want a Baconator right about now.