Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tom Petty is Playing @ Some Stadium Today

I could care less about football. However, I do enjoy the camraderie, pizza and beer and various dips that come along with attending a Super Bowl Party. I am getting ready to head out to my friend Jackie's house to enjoy the camraderie, pizza, beer, dip and MUSIC and commercials. I haven't the slightest interest in the game itself, and in fact did not even know who was in the SuperBowl until Friday at work. (It's the Phillies and the Yankees, right?)

I am thrilled. I am so glad none of that pop garbage is happening at this year's SuperBowl. This year's half-time show will ROCK. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, one of my absolute favorites, will make the television mean something to me today. Amidst all the poor saps who drop thousands to attend a stupid football game will be a rock & roll legend. That makes me happy.

I mean, seriously, folks like Justin Timberlake (who appeared on the infamous NippleGate half-time show) don't deserve to get to play in front of 140 million Americans, but folks like Petty, the Stones, etc. do. I don't know where they get off putting one-hit-wonders in this coveted musical time slot!
At any rate, I don't know what he'll play. Will he play a montage of his #1 hits leading up to a rockin' new song? That would appeal to the masses I think as most know those hits. But either way, as I eat my chips and drink my beer, this will be one SuperBowl that I will gladly watch.

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