Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Friend Just Published....

Hi all. I posted this on my other writing blog, but this one gets more traffic.
My friend and classmate, Andrew P.H. Clyde just released his first book, LithiumBuzz. Here is the book jacket flap:

Picture this: A love story that isn't a love story at all, but is the memory of the story of a love story.

Confused yet?

Lithiumbuzz is that story.

Marcus Dolby is not well. He's 30. He's got serious mental health issues. He's losing his mind. His fiance just died. And to cap off the high times, he just got out of a mental hospital after an accident involving a kitchen knife and his neck.

But there's something he has to do. His fiance died while carrying his child, and her parents don't even know they were seeing each other. To make this right, Dolby decides to drive across the country to tell her parents about the child, and reveal his relationship with their daughter to them.

There is a catch, however. Upon leaving Hartford on his way to New Mexico to break the news, he loses his medication. So where does that leave us?

Picture this: A love story that isn't really a love story, but is rather the memory of a love story as told by a total psychotic...

Lithiumbuzz is that story.

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