Sunday, June 15, 2008

Faith Hill Remembers, Me. Sort of.

There's nothing like running into an old radio friend. Long story short, I was at Happy Hour last week and ran into an old coworker of mine, M.L. He had an extra ticket to Dave Matthews Band, so I agreed to go. First of all, the concert rocked. Admittedly, I am not the biggest DMB fan because I always felt it was too mellow for me. But, live, there is a lot more energy. I also really dug his fiddle player.

But second- the best part about this night was the reminiscing. I can't believe its been nearly ten years since some of the memories we conjured up. But since I am working on a memoir for the creative writing program, looking back and reflecting with people from my past has been a priority. So, there were nearly a dozen hysterical stories that me and my friend recalled while DMB played in the back ground. We were in a private party tent with three areas and a bar, so there was room to talk unlike if we had regular seats so that was cool.

By far the best story that made my night was when he told me that there was this new artist that stopped by his radio station a few weeks ago- and that she used to be a back-up singer for Toby Keith, but before that, for Faith Hill and now she has her own deal and a new single out. Before he said her name, I guessed. "Is her name Mica?" That was a different name and I somehow knew who it was because I met her once and her name stood out because it was different. "Mica Roberts," said M.L.

So, M.L. brought up the 1998 Faith Hill show at the F.M. Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre. It was just before Faith hit it really big and she was still playing in small theaters. A really cool band The Warren Brothers opened the show. This was the last date on this tour, so it was a big party afterwards at the Ramada Hotel's bar, Keenan's Irish Pub. There was lots of beer and booze flowing and it was mainly the bands and the record people- Faith didn't come down. But then she made an appearance and everyone cheered and we all did a toast to her.

Then, because I am silly, I asked the DJ if he'd play a silly song- The Hokey Pokey. I went back to the group and told them what I requested and a lot of the band did not even know that song. So, I urged everyone to come up and do it when it came on. So, there I was, doing the Hokey Pokey with Faith Hill and have pictures of it too. (I will repost when I scan them-- I still have all my pictures at Dave's house). It was a riot.

So, Mica told M.L. that she remembers that night and in fact was talking to Faith about it not that long ago. M.L. scanned in his copies of the pictures and emailed them to her-- she loved them. What a night! When I worked in radio, I got to do some pretty cool things. But I always wondered if the artists remembered this stuff, too since after all, they do it after every show in every town. But apparently my crew made an impression and my silly drunk antics are now a memory of one of country music's leading ladies, Faith Hill as well as an up and comer, Mica Roberts. So, she may not remember me personally, but Faith remembers something I spearheaded!! (And let's not forget the contest I came up with for our listeners prior to that- The Faith Hill This Kiss Kiss-Off which earned me and the station a Country Radio Broadcasters Promotion Award- 2nd Place, Medium Market!!)

That wasn't even the end of what happened that night, but hmmm... I'll save what happened later for the memoir!


Anonymous said...

I remember that night Donna. I remember everything you told me about it, too. I stopped by the bar very briefly after the show, and have a memory speaking to some band memebrs, but I believe I missed the Hokey Pokey. I do remember meeting the Warren Brothers. I often wondered if Faith Hill remembered that too. I wish I could have stayed, but you know, damn overnight shifts and what not.


Donna T said...

I know! By far this was one of the coolest post-concert parties. I only wish I blogged back then while the memories were fresher!! Man, the Warrens rock -- I miss those few summers where they were always in the area.... and it's just so cool to think that right after that concert, Faith was filling arenas-- we got to see really, her last intimate concert.

Anonymous said...

Blogging didn't even exist then, at least not that word. Certainly, you had your Geocities site where you could have posted that story. That would have qualified as what we know today as blogging.

I missed a lot of good after concert stuff because of my schedule. I REALLY wish I had been able to do at least 7-12. I would likely still be there. Overnights just burned me out.


Anonymous said...

What necessary words... super, excellent idea