Friday, September 12, 2008

The Strange Sock Saga

We all have quirks. One of mine has been my odd sleeping perils, situations and habits. A new one developed a year or so ago, and I forgot about it for a while because it has been sandal season.

But now that I am wearing socks again on most days, I've been reminded of something strange. Every night that I go to bed with socks on, I wake up the next morning with the left one off. Only the left sock. The right sock is always still sungly fit around my size 8. My left sock is on the floor or mixed up in the sheets, my left foot left out for the cold. It doesn't matter what kind of sock. Still the same deal whether it is the usual ankle sock, or sometimes a longer sock. Socks that say Jingle Bells and socks with pumpkins. Dress socks. All the same thing.

Strange, huh? I would wake up every morning and do a sock check. I'd shake Dave and say, "It happened again! My left sock is off!" He reply, "That is really wierd. Hmmmm."

We were perplexed. Not sure if I do something wierd with my feet in my sleep, but yep. I wake up with one sock off every morning.


Old Bogus said...

So Dave has a left foot fetish and exercises it as you sleep. Any other explanation is even creepier. Check under you bed for strange creatures.

utopia1dc said...

Donna, you inspired me to start my own blog (well not really, well sort of). I added a link to your site, can you please return the favor?

By the way, it's Uncle Dan

utopia1dc said...

That is: