Monday, September 8, 2008

Rock Me, Rock Me, Rock Me Sexy Jesus

So it may not win an Oscar-- but I really enjoyed Hamlet 2 this weekend... it was kind of cute and it was written by a writer from South Park-- so it's offensive and hilarious and offensively hilarious. Well, rather, the movie is about an offensive musical called Hamlet 2. A stuggling actor turned drama teacher- who is dealing with personal problems (spermy) at home- learns the school district is cutting funding for art programs. He spends a few hours writing a musical called Hamlet 2 and turns his class full of "punks" into a driven group of actors and stage techies-- the show is threatened to get shut down and in comes Amy Pohler playing an ACLU rep to fight for the first amendment rights.

Just had to share a clip from the movie, where they are putting on the actual music-- which is a sequel to Hamlet, where Octavio uses a time machine and the help of Jesus to go back and save everyone who died in the original Hamlet. Again-- this won't be an Academy Award Winner, just simply a fun movie that does kind of teach a lesson:

The arts rock and in America we can say whatever we want.

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