Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Some Cool Going-Ons @ the Workplace

Three Weeks With Three Cups of Tea with the Cacti
I am reading Three Cups of Tea and am enjoying the living heck out of it. I don't think I would have picked up the book on my own-- but now that we've got a book club going on at the office, I'm reading the same book with about a dozen other co-workers. I think it's an awesome idea!
Now that my reading list for the MA in Creative Writing at Wilkes University is over, I can enjoy reading whatever I want again -- which is of course usually memoirs anyway. But, now I have a thing going on that will continue to keep me in the reading habit, trying to make sure I am up with everyone else so we can talk about what's happening in the halls at work, and then of course at our planned discussions which we'll be holding after we're done. You can read more about the Solid Cactus Book Club, or as we call it, the SCBC, here at the company blog. That pic is of all my fellow office book worms.

I Still Work for One of the Best Places to Work in PA
If you keep up with my blog, you know I love my job. And lots of others do too because Solid Cactus has once again made the list of The Best Places to Work in PA. We don't know what number yet- that gets announced at an awards banquet later on this fall. You can read about this honor, again, at the SC blog as well as on the Best Places to Work in PA official website.

I Was Blessed a Lot Today
Literally- not in the wierd religious sense- but my co-workers must have said "Bless You" at least twenty times today. I felt sluggish all day-- had lots of coffee, soda, candy, ice cream and more to get my mind and body going. Nothing really helped. A few others at the office have colds, and I think I am next. I plan to finish eating my grape leaves and just crash, or lay in bed with Three Cups of Tea until I fall asleep. I haven't used a sick day yet and it's been 16 months (see above, about me loving my job) so I definitely want to get some rest to kick this thing before it settles in somewhere like my nose or my throat or my head.

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