Saturday, September 8, 2007

I met Lauren Weisberger- Author of the Devil Wears Prada

Writing and publishing a novel seems a little more within reach after attending a night with Lauren Weisberger, author of The Devil Wears Prada.

Nikki invited me to the event and I am so glad we went. Both aspiring novelists, it was so wonderful to hear Lauren speak. Lauren is only 30- and Prada was practically an accident. She told us how after her assistant job at Vogue, she worked at Departures, a travel magazine. There, she got a little too creative with her short travel pieces so her editor suggested that she enroll in a creative writing class after work. That's where she began to write about her experience at Vogue magazine. Her teacher was impressed and said she should find an agent.

That was very inspiring to me. The whole nigh just rocked- Lauren was so down to Earth and seemed very humble. She was pretty honest with the Q&A-- and like many writers I've read about recently- she really has no structure to her writing life. That is also inspiring to me as I don't do well with structure. She tries to write when she can and has no real set time or place to do so- although she says she can't deal with coffee shops. One thing I thought was cool was that she belongs to a writing room in NYC- but has yet to go. (Kind of like a gym membership!) But, she still pays on it each month to say that she writes at this room. She prefers her living room.
My one suggestion would have been to have someone younger, or at least hipper- interview Lauren in the conversation Q&A format of an event (which was better than a lecture...)-- Lauren would go off about something cool and the librarian who was interviewing her would just say, "Interesting." and move on to the next question. Nikki and I just looked at each other.... But, the event was sponsored by the Lackawanna County Library System so I guess it made some sense...
I actually have to admit that I did not read Prada yet (or see the movie)- I did read her second book, Everyone Worth Knowing which I adored. If you are in PR or want to be or used to be, you can appreciate this novel! I bought Prada that night and had Lauren autograph it to me at the signing. Nikki and I were a bit disappointed that she was not allowing photos-- but since there were hundreds of people in line I could understand. Thank goodness we were close to the front and didn't have to wait very long.
One tidit of info that I did not know until I read Lauren's bio was that she was born in Scranton and lived in Clarks Summit until she was 11 and then went to school in Allentown and did not leave NEPA until college- so that is also very inspiring-- people in NEPA or other small towns CAN hit it bit!

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