Monday, September 10, 2007

FINALLY! Graduation- 11 Years Later

I need not tell the whole story again- so here's the nutshell version. I graduated Wilkes University with my Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in sociology... 11 year after I graduated high school.

Dave, my mom and my grandmother attended. I didn't have the biggest crowd in the joint- but it was quite special. My mom bought a "Wilkes Mom" shirt and wore it to the graduation which was a cool surprise.

I was also glad that by the time I finally took the challenge exam for the lingering computer science class-- the ONLY thing that stood between me and the degree for a year- the summer graduation was about here. That meant a quick and painless ceremony!

I think a part of me didn't want the college experience to end, so I think that's why I put off taking that exam for so long. But if I did not put it off, I would not be with the creative writing group I am with in the MA in Creative Writing program-- so I believe things happen for a reason!

I am glad to still be a part of Wilkes in the MA program-- it's like I can never leave this great learning community!


Theresa said...


If I would have known that you were graduating, I would have come (its been 18 years since I attended Wilkes Graduation). Mom told me the day before about it, but since you didn't invite me, I didn't want to just show up.

I am glad to hear that you finally made it. Now if I could just follow in your footsteps and get back to school - I am thinking next summer.

NeoAuteur said...

Congratulations! It's a great achievement.