Sunday, September 23, 2007

Good Samaritans... They Still Exist

I know that I am a good Samaritan, as much as I can be and when I have time. I felt terrible the other day when I drove past one of those boot drives and had no cash- which is usually the case with me since they invented the VISA check card.

At any rate, this blog comes a little late. Things have been busy. But, I have to write a little about my Thursday morning. On my way home Wednesday, I was not paying too much attention to the gas gauge. It beeps an warns be when there is 32 miles left to drive. I was already passed the last gas station when the beep went off and the orange light came on. I was too tired from the gym to turn around. I could make it to the station in the morning.

I had two choices when the morning came. To drive two miles to the Red Rock gas station which is out of the way and is probably the only gas station in the county that does not have pay at the pump. So, I opted to drive the seven to the Pump-n-Pantry.

When I was about a mile from my destination, the car died. And there is barely a shoulder. So, I parked in a ditch and called Dave, who really could do nothing for me since we freakin' live in the middle of nowhere and he was already at work. So, I started to walk. There is really no shoulder like I said, so I was walking in the dew-filled grass- I was soaked up to the knee cap. Cars were whizzing by and no one was stopping. I took of my sweatshirt and right after I did that, someone stopped. I must have looked like a bum before.

"A little early to be pickin' up cans," he said.

I laughed and hopped in his van, not even second-guessing that I was getting in a stranger's van. It was a company van, Stone Stackers in Sweet Valley. I told him what happened. He drove me to his place of employment which was a stone's throw away and got a gas can from a shed. Then, he drove me back to my car.

He put some gas into my tank, but my Yukon would still not start- it was on an angle.So- this kind man pushed by behemoth truck onto the highway. Then, it started. I zooomed off before it could die again. He followed me to the PnP, where I filled my tank. After all that, I was only seven minutes late to work. I had left early because I knew I needed gas. (I was just a little wet from my ordeal when I go there...)

So- I am thankful that I live in an area where everyone seems to have a work truck and gas can. ; ) I have not run out of gas in years, but this reminds me how I can't let things like this slip. Although I could always argue that I was doing an experiment on samaritanship.

And, if anyone needs landscaping work, call Stone Stackers in Sweet Valley. They have nice guys working there.

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