Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Good Clean Fun at the Company Christmas Shinding

I have to thank the owners of my company for a wonderful Christmas party Friday! They really put on a great night for us, and as always, the Woodlands did a fine job of providing great service. I love my company!
I also have to say that I LOVE my coworkers. The only other place I worked where there was such camraderie and just plain wild fun was at the radio station. Everyone's dates were also cool as well, blending right in with the crazy cactus crew. (We've all been to parties where they aren't...) You couldn't ask for a better bunch of co-workers- no wonder we are voted one of the "Best Places to Work in PA!" I had a blast and so did Dave. He was out on the floor all night!

What is ironic about this is that at his own Christmas party, he was an absolute wallflower. I had more fun at this party than he did (which actually caused a tad of turmoil...) but I get it now. It's who you are with that makes it fun. That's why you can go to a shitty redneck bar and still have fun, as long as you are with cool people.
His company spent a ton of money bussing us all to New York from various locations in PA and NY, giving us a tour of the Raymond factory (he works for a dealership) and also put over 100 people up in a nice hotel for the evening. Not to mention a catered cocktail party and great dinner.... Totally a top-notch affair-- however, most people were a drag during the party itself. I am a social person and like to talk to everyone, dance (even thought I CANNOT dance), tell funny stories and just have fun. Well, imagine someone like me at a table full of duds!! No one would dance; everyone just talked shop-- which is exactly what you don't do at a holiday party-- it's the one day to let loose!

I kept telling Dave he wasn't his normal self (which upset me, because anyone who knows us, we are always fun).... I guess it's just who he was around that made him that way... because he rocked his socks off at my party and told me how much he enjoyed himself. Not that I am competitive, but I win! My party was overall better! : )

The after party was great, too. M80 was playing in the downstairs club and a few dozen of us hung out and continued to dance. Dave, Kevin, Kristen and I had a room- and since we had a room, we had access to the hot tub, which is as big as a freakin' pool- I think the biggest in PA. But, but the time me and my new friend Ben from the Call Center department made it there, our key only produced a red light-- meaning, locked. No go.

I ran up to the front desk. Two bouncers from the club were sitting on the couches - their shift was done for the evening. I asked them if I could have access to the Jaccuzi. He told me to fart in my bathtub. So, I ran back to the rooms we were hanging out it.

"Benjamin! Let's make a hot tub out of the bathtub!"

"Okay," he exclaimed.

And that's how you have some good clean fun after a Christmas party.

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Anonymous said...

I can't picture your Dave NOT dancing and having fun at a party Donna.