Sunday, December 16, 2007

What I Want for Christmas - Santa can you hear me?

I'll be honest. Christmas sucks this year! Gas prices are high. And with that, everything else has gone up. I don't want my blog to be about complaining, but my goodness this year is rough! I mean, we have a long gift list. So, we're buying for everyone else first, and will probably not get each other anything this year. But there are some things that I would love for Christmas this year. So, perhaps I will buy them in January when my student loan money comes in. Thanks George Bush for making Christmas in America blow.

1. Senseo Coffee Maker and lots of coffee pods
Ever since my Labor Day trek to Suppa's, my creative writing classmate's house, I have been in love with the Senseo coffee maker. I also like the idea of coffee pods. They are just neat. Every cup of coffee from this nifty machine is fresh and frothy. I know it's a bit more expensive to buy the pods all the time, but if you love coffee like I do, man is it worth it! It makes the coffee so fast, too. I've haven't found these at any local store, but I did find them online at for around $70. Not too shabby!

2. A Killer Desk with lots of storage- found a cool one for about $600 at Just Cabinets
My old desk was huge and it moved four times. It was starting to fall apart-- it was that particle board stuff. So, this summer we burned it. Now, my desk is a card table. It's wobbly. And, I have no drawers to stash my clutter. I have no shelves for my reference books. I am a writer and dammit, I need a good desk. Of course I swear once I have a new desk, I will become organized. I know that won't happen, but I still need the desk! So, I found a desk with a matching hutch at Just Cabinets in Edwardsville- I fell in love with this and its still available and also on the store's website. The desk is way cooler than it looks in this picture.... has all these hook-ups and neat nooks and crannies.

3. Anything or Everything on my Wishlist
Maybe I'd have more money if I didn't spend so much throughout the year on I hate that they know me so well. Amazon is KING of marketing and data-- everytime I go to the site, all these reccomendations pop up-- it's like they are in my head. I've worked in sales and marketing and in e-commerce and I still fall for it. I buy something nearly everytime I visit. But not everything. I still have a wishlist there. What kind of chick am I? I'd rather have books than jewelry!

4. A Harmonica
Really. I'm serious. I love the harmonica. Always wanted to know how to play.

Then there's socks and underwear, too. I guess I could go on and on-- but those are some things I've been wanting for a while now. Okay- back to Christmas card addressing. I can't believe it, but I lost my address book. I got a new, really cool address book and put some addresses in there, but never transfered everything. Now, I can't find my old one. Ten years worth of addresses!! Maybe it's in my car or something- didn't check there yet. I'm so bummed.

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