Thursday, May 31, 2007

And the air-conditioner goest in & lots o' birthdays-- and Organic Stuff

Finally. It's hot in northeast pa. Today was a scorcher and I lived it up by laying in the sun. I need to do something about this pale body o' mine.

Then, I came inside and did some housework. When I went upstairs to put away the laundry that has piled up (of course on the Bowflex- what else is expensive home-gym equipment for?) but it was so hot upstairs. Downstairs was okay-- breathable, liveable. But yeah- I wasn't going to suffer from heat exhaustion just to put away clothes in the kiln-like bedroom.

My one day vacation from not getting the bedroom in order is over, however. It's my fault. I asked Dave to put in our AC. He's doing that right now as we speak. We only have one unit, so we are going to look into one of those plug-in stand up, rotating ones that way we can still use our window, plus they look nicer. Anyone know of a good brand to look into? Let us know!

We have a lot to celebrate this weekend, and not just my new job. Nikki from the Weekender who I adore is turning 30 so her parents are throwing her a bash. I look forward to attending. Dave's sister Marie is also celebrating her b-day, as is our good friend, Andy. So, we're likely to stay in on Friday since we have so many functions to attend!!

And Dave's is coming up on the 21st, my sister's on the 22nd and then mine in July. Happy birthday, everyone!

As some of you know, I became a vegetarian and am totally LOVING the way I feel lately. I am also trying to go as organic as I can, especially with fruits and veggies and things. It's kind of pricey as I learned from my trip to Wegman's but I want to feel and look good and I've done so much reading on the benefits of going organic.

So, I bought organic peaches, bananas, pears and spiniach. I don't think the bagged carrots I got are. I also bought some kick ass organic cereal which I wrote about. (I will post the link as soon as it publishes.) I also bought BWC organic shampoo and conditioner, which I loved. I did buy organic JASON toothpaste, but was not thrilled about that. I know that Tom's is good, but Wegman's didn't sell it.

There's just one teeny thing I have to work on. It just didn't make sense to put all these organic groceries in the trunk of a BIG SUV.
(Speaking of organic and veggie-eating, I wrote about the new BK Burger King Veggie Burger- read about it here.)

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