Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New CDs. Yes. As in Compact Discs. They DO still exist.

Even as obsessed as I am with the Internet, I am still quite the mail order junkie. A few weeks ago, I cancelled everything. Silkes, Grandma's Kitchen, Quality Paperback Book Club and even the One Spirit Book Club. I was tired of invoices and sending back forms saying I DIDN'T want to order anything.

Then guess what. I go and sign up for the BMG Music Club. Argh! But, I've been quite nostalgic these days and want to go back to the music I grew up with when my mom and adoptive father used to do campground shows-- the old folk songs, ya know. So, I went wild and ordered nothing from this decade. I don't know what to listen to first:

I don't own an iPod, although I do think I want one, moreso for Podcasts of NPR and such. There is still something so exciting about getting a CD, opening the jacket, looking at the pictures and lyrics, etc. I don't think that will ever go away. But of course, I still read the newspaper and read books made of paper. Let the music play!


Blaz said...

I think your mom & adoptive father are dirtier hippies than Tom. That's hard to accomplish. Haha!

Donna T. said...