Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I will miss Tom Curry....

When I get a message from someone I haven’t talked to in a while, something in my stomach starts to feel funny. Like I know something is wrong.

I got a message on MySpace from an old young democrats friend saying to call him right away. When we spoke, he told me an a friend of ours Tom Curry lost his battle with cancer this morning. I broke down for a little while. Then I got angry. At cancer.
I was active in the young democrats back in 2003-2004 just when things in our area were starting to take a positive change—since the people we helped vote into office took over the administration, Wilkes-Barre and Luzerne County has never been better. But, this post isn’t about politicians. It’s about Tom.

Tom had a passion like no other for local politics. The last time I checked out his MySpace page, there was a picture of him and Governor Ed Rendell. His caption next to it said, “Current governor with future governor.”

I started to cry again when I thought about that statement. Tom never got his wish. When I think back of that picture, and all the times I had with Tom I see a young, ambitious, smart young man who probably would have became president.

While it was a message of hope from Todd Vondeheid’s campaign website that propelled me to volunteer for his county commissioner campaign, and while it was Danny Bauder who recruited me to the YDs at a victory party for Todd Vonderheid and Greg Skrepenak, it was Tom Curry who really got me excited about local politics. He played a huge role in getting me involved with local and statewide campaigns.

Sure, I had always cared about issues—but I never was involved with the people who could create change before. So, through Tom, I learned a lot more about local politics. I attended the YDA national convention in Buffalo in ’04 and met some great friends. I went all over the state campaigning for people and just had so much fun. But, I was just doing what Tom told me to do. He had such a way of getting our group the things it needed to help these candidates. He was an experienced campaign manager. He was just great. He will be sorely missed.

I think back to how I went back to school and started working full-time and how I didn’t have time to dedicate myself to these causes. That doesn’t make me a bad person- I know that. But when I think about someone like Tom who gave so much to so many people, I feel ashamed that I can’t give more of myself. His passion was a constant. He never tired of doing the things he believed in. And a lot of big time people believed in him because of this dedication.
I lost touch with the YDs when I went back to school full-time, as I said. My heart never left. But now, that heart is bleeding. Upset, I needed to see Tom again. I’ve moved twice since the YD days, so I tore through my attic trying to find the photos I took while I was secretary of the Luzerne County YDs. I couldn’t find them. I was upset. Then, I decided go back upstairs once again. I didn’t want to give up. I found them. There were pics of us at victory parties, fundraisers, the convention and more. Pictures of Tom being serious, and pictures of Tom having fun. God, these pics made me miss those days dearly. I wish my heart was only as big as his. I posted some of those pics here, and I will surely pass them along to anyone who would like them, either by email or making a copy at those CVS photo booths.

So, this is my tribute to my old friend, Tom Curry. I am thankful for the time we shared as friends. I am thankful for what you taught me. I am thankful for those drunken escapades, too. After all, we were 'young.' I know that Tom loved karaoke, he loved an occasional brewsy and of course, a good cigar. After all, politics is all about a smoky room, right? (just kidding)

I am sure Tom will find a way to fight god to be president of heaven. I just know it.


danny said...

thanks so much Donna, could you email me the pics?

Donna T. said...

Yes Danny.