Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I feel good today.

I know it is only a matter of time before I am gainfully employed again. (This is where you cross your fingers for me....)

However, today it was such an awesome morning to wake up when I wanted to. I know I cannot get used to this, but I had to. Just once. The cool spring breeze was making the curtains flap in my bedroom-- and somehow one sock came off during the night-- so my foot was cold and that woke me up. Otherwise I probably could have slept for a few hours more.

But, I woke up and was checking my email and my various blogs and message boards to see if there was any activity last night after I fell into dreamland. There was. It is just SOO nice to 'meet' kindred spirits online. I recieved a great comment from The Enemy Blog on my Office Space post. His note was inspiring and kind-- and reminded me to follow my dreams. I mean, I know there are people like me out there, but when I actually come across them, I just feel this incredible energy that, YES-- we can create and everything else will fall into place. His blog is also quite awesome and it seems he has also came to a revelation, too. It's nice to find someone who have something in common with. Just a quick brush with someone else, even virtually can really be great for the soul!

So- I know that I did the right thing by leaving. There were things I love about my job and certainly things I will miss. But I know now that I feed off the creative energy of others and I need to be somewhere that the environment is creative and diverse because it's just the kind of place I excel in. I remember my radio days... those were some of the best days of my life because work was absolutely serious-- it was a business. But the atmosphere of the place was just laid back-- I think I've been dying to get back into a place like that again. I don't want to say anything bad about the place I was at before really, but no one would argue that it was no designed to be a fun place to work. (I mean, I had fun with my coworkers and all....) It was corporate driven and I don't think that's for me. They also didn't go the extra mile for their employees, like other companies I am finding out about.

I think of places like Google and record companies in Nashville that are just designed for employees to have a kick ass time at work. It's just the way to do things now, and the company that I worked for did not have that mentality. I think when you begin to focus on your employees first, and then the numbers second you will have low absenteeism and low turnover-- and the result is people that love their jobs and have constant high morale. Then, the business just HAPPENS. That's just my opinion. I was tired of being depressed at work.

I also CANNOT wait to start the creative writing program at Wilkes. There are only two eight-day residencies a year and the rest is on-line, however for these eight days in late June I am finally going to be in the physical company of people with the same dreams as me! I mean, I know a few writers but we don't see each other often. So, when I am surrounded by people everyday who don't understand the arts and what it is like to have an imagination and ideas yearning to get out-- it can get depressing. They don't get it. They laught at you. They say, "Okay, Donna. Good luck with that." or "Sure, Donna. If that's what you want." You know, belittiling you.... I will finally be around people that will say, "Oh my god! Great idea-- that will so happen!"

So, today is a good day. I know that it will take forever for me to be a successful author. But in the meantime, I will find a cool company to devote my working hours to-- one where creative energy comes from the management on down (I have one in mind of course, but do you think I'm gonna jinx it here?) and then start my writing life as a student of creative writing.

Today is like the first day of the rest of my life!

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