Sunday, May 27, 2007

Rubber Chickens and More on Memorial Day '08

Dave and I attended our friends' Rob & Craig's Memorial Day picnic last night and it was uber fun. As most parties do, things started off a little slow until the drinks set in. And before you know it, we're kissing rubber chickens, talking into bananas, breaking lawn furniture and just having a grand old time.

There are two very memorable quotes from the evening. The first one was just upon our arrival. We were adoring Rob & Craig's Himalayan cats when we started exchanging kitty cat tales. Rob told us that their newest cat, Baylee ate a plastic bag, which was a chore to remove. So, I wittily said:

"I heard of letting that cat out of the bag, but not getting the bag out of the cat!"

Later, Birthday boy David (not my Dave) was getting picked on for leaving all his lights on-- he lives up the block and we could see is apartment. He said it was so he could find his way home. When someone commented that there is plenty of light from the streetlights in the front, he innocently exclaimed not even realizing how funny it was:

"I like going in the back."

Dave is a gay man, which is what made it absolutely hysterical. Toward the end of the evening we moved inside the house for seconds on the kick-ass food. Then, a party guest, Mark had returned with his daughter and rubber chicken it tow. That was fun. You can see the pictures on my MySpace page.

I met Mark and his wife Doreen for the first time at this party and they were really, really nice. While I like Miller Lite and will drink it if I have to, I have always appreciated a good, hand-crafted microbrew. So, I was thrilled when Mark said his cooler (which was a cool, insulated bag on wheels) filled with a variety of microbrews was fair game.

So, I had a mini beer fest. I tried Mojo Indian Pale Ale, some caramel-tasting porter stout (I'll have to ask), Sam Adams Long Shot Ale which won the homebrew contest this year (it was 10% alcohol!) and by far me favorite was the Orange Blossom beer. I think I am a fan of fruit beer. Dave always keeps Miller Lite in the fridge because if we have company, it's a safe beer to have that everyone likes. But, I think I am going to pick up a different microbrew each week as well. If I want to play drinking games or am going to be outside for a while, Miller Lite is cool-- but if I am going to relax after work, I would like to enjoy a good, flavorful brew.

And, I have to give a HUGE shout out to Debbie who makes the best Jell-o shots ever. She tops them with Cool Whip and then a cherry bomb, so it is like you are getting two shots in one. She had three trays and 120 shots, and they were all gone. No wonder things got a little out of hand!

I wish I saw Rob & Craig and their gang more often because we always have an absolute blast!

Happy Memorial Day!


Happy Tail Ale- Beer for Dogs

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