Friday, May 25, 2007

BK Does it YOUR Way, for real & New Job Soon

So I am happy. Burger King offers a great veggie burger. I had no idea. What was pretty ironic is that I asked the cute girl at the counter if it was any good, expecting her to say, "ew, gross" since she worked at Burger King. Lo and behold, the girl was a vegetarian!! And she said they were pretty good. As a new vegetarian, I trusted her judgement. She was right! Mmmm.

Oh my gosh-- and BK's new cheesy tater tots-- TO DIE FOR.

Today also was my last day at Allied Medical & Technical Institute. I am trying to go in a creative direction somewhere and kind of took a chance that'd I'd find something soon. Wish me luck in my search! All I know is that I want to thrive in a creative, diverse environment. I love my coworkers now, but I just like when I am around lots of different types of people who aren't going to say I'm nuts for being quirky and creative! ; ) I will miss you Katie, Susan, Lauren, Danielle, Jessica and Heather!
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Kelly J. Fleming said...

That looks really good. Now I have to go to Burger King! Thanks a lot Donna