Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Forgotten Blog- I Dug Up More Online History

So it's true. And I even forgot about it. I had a blog before Daily Dose o Donna.
I was being a dork and Googling myself and I found that I once took a stab at blogging before-- and I can't even log in-- not sure what address I had- it must have been before my gmail account. At any rate, it was called "Rants in Her Pants: Donna Talarico's Blog." And I made a whopping two posts in 2005:

--Directory Assistance vs. Pennsylvania Geography: Constant battle for hungry drivers and newspaper stringers

All Bladders not Equal and Other Ramblings from recent weeks...

It's funny to stumble across these things. Hehe. I remember those two incidents happening like it was yesterday.

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