Saturday, July 12, 2008

Little Things that Bother Me

This will be a quick post. Just have to vent about one of those little things that irritate me. I was at Sheetz with a friend this afternoon paying for my fabulous Iced Chai Tea when I noticed all the stars with names on them- the typical charity where you donate a dollar and get to write your name. This Sheetz is right by work, so I looked at the stars while the cashier counted my change to see if any coworkers had bought a star. Then I noticed one that stood out:

JESUS LOVES YOU in shaky black Sharpie.

Why must people use a that vehicle to spread their religious nonsense? Ugh. Just write your freakin' name and leave the propheting to someone else. It made me mad. But then they called #750 and my refreshing cool drink was done and then I felt a little better.

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