Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hummus Orgasmus

Mmm. I recently updated my Facebook status, at 3:31 p.m., to inform the world that I was indulging in the most glorious of treats: roasted red pepper hummus, in which I was dipping sun-dried tomato Wheat Thins. Instantly, I received two comments on my status message:

Andee: Your status is making me horny...'cause roasted red pepper hummus is always orgasmic. (3:41)
Lauren: your status sounds delicious. (4:18)

I responded to Andee with this: If you are horny just by reading my status message, imagine me, here with the roasted red pepper hummus. I'm kinda squirmin' in my seat it's so good. I think I need a cold shower.

Yes, girls and boys. It's that good. How could, me, Andee and Lauren all be wrong?? Huh? I am a big fan of the red pepper hummus at the Wegman's Mediterranean bar, however usually get the Athenos brand or the Cedar's brand because it is all that is usually available where I shop most. However, Sabra Hummus is much better, although harder to find. My local Mr. Z's expanded, the one in Dallas, Pa., so now they carry more brands, one of them being Sabra. The lady at the check-out this afternoon even gave me the thumbs up when she scanned and bagged the yummy hummy. Sabra's classic flavor is very good also, and comes with pine nuts on top. That's what I think I like the most about Sabra Hummus- that it comes will other goodies, not just like a dip.

Sabra Hummus is the smoothest, creamiest hummus I have ever tasted, seriously. And, it is oozing with olive oil and red peppers when you first open the container... I kinda mixed it all together with my first cracker today. But, I thought since I got some feedback on my status message that I would expand it here, with a blog post called Hummus Orgasmus, because it is.

Check out your local deli section today for this glorious and healthy treat!

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