Monday, July 28, 2008

Okie Dokie Here I Come.... Most Likley

I hate that I am actually writing a blog about going to Tulsa, Oklahoma before I have the plane ticket. But, I am a firm believer that writing things down helps "make it happen." Most motivational speakers will tell you that.
So, here I am writing about a trip that I still need to get a ticket for and that I still kinda need to plan more for. But last I checked, I can go round trip for $269. That's not a shabby deal. Renting a car for two days on top of that may not be too bad either. I haven't had a vacation in years, so this is close to one as I'll get. Three days of reminicising. I don't need many plans- I'll flop somewhere. I still know people there. Or, I'll just get a hotel. Since I was small, I've had an infatuation with hotel rooms.

This whole trip to Tulsa is all to help me with my memoir, a literal trip down memory lane. A few other memorists in my class have visited their roots- but the problem with my story is that most of it takes place 14oo miles away. But- I've been meaning to visit anyway, so may as well pop in and see my cousins and then do research:

My Plans:
1) Visit Nimitz Middle School
2) Visit Memorial High School
3) Eat at Taco Bueno
4) Go to Woodland Hills Mall
5) Visit all old houses:
a. Yacht Club Apartments
b. Villa Fontana Apartments
c. Duplex off 51st Street
d. Perhaps the house in Muskogee if I feel like it
6) Visit Tulsa World Building downtown
7) Drive aimlessly throughout neighborhoods I used to knock doors on (Selling newspapers)
8) Drive by my orthodontist's office
9) Visit the hospital my brother and sister were born at
10) Meet up with as possibly as many people as I can that I knew... you never know what detail that will job
11) Visit my relatives in McAlester area -- that will jog some memories too

I'll bring my digital recorder so I can talk about what I see... and then snap a ton of pictures to add to my memoir research wall. When I have pics of the past in front of me, it helps me remember. I will practice saying, "pop," "y'all," "fixin' to," and "right yet."

-Bethlehem Musikfest and visiting with some gals from my creative writing class
-PAINTBALL with my Cacti co-workers- not as many people going this time around, but I am so stoked about this--
-A picnic arranged for my friend Cori and her brothers and sisters- she lives in AZ and her sister is overseas in Turkey and her other brother is in NY-- so while it is a family reunion of sorts, a bunch of friends are invited too- I see her once every few years- but I have never met her two kids, so I am thrilled!

So yeah- anyone with any ideas about Tulsa today- lemmee know! I heard things are very different now. I am sure I can find my way around still..... If I had the time, I'd drive there to relive the whole moving experience.

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