Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy & Hungover July 4th

Ugh. I feel a little sick today. But it was so worth it. What a good time last night. I can handle my beer, but it's the shots. Those darn shots. After a morning of getting sick and being dizzy, now, at 3:00 pm, I am finally feeling better.

I've learned that sleep is the only sure-fire cure for a hangover, at least that works for me. I've tried many things in the past and these few things also really help with a hangover, for me at least:

1. Drinking loads of Gatorade the next day- which usually makes me feel better, but I also have to pee a lot.

2. Having a teaspoon of honey before going to bed- but when you are drunk, how can you remember that? It does work though.

3. Eating a greasy 1am breakfast- this is a fun cure. I always feel okay the next day when I hit up Denny's or Perkin's or a local diner.

I wrote an article once on a Hangover Patch, but never tried them. I have a friend who swears by those hangover pills, which I guess have charcoal or something that helps. I should check those out, except for the fact that I cannot swallow big pills.'

But today, it was sleep for my hangover cure. After waking up sick, I ate some bread to soak up any remnants of the alcohol, had some water, took two Tylenol EZ Tabs, put on my lavender-scented sleeping mask and went back to bed. For hours. And it felt good.

What is your hangover cure? What works for you?

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