Thursday, July 3, 2008

Long Weekend Coming Up & Time Flying

First off, I must say that I cannot believe how time flies. I called my mom last night and a man answered the phone. I haven't heard my little brother talk since Christmas, and wow, did his voice get deeper. He's a young man. I am excited that they moved back from Virginia-- I hope that I can now be more of an influence in his and my sister's life. They are in HIGH SCHOOL. I am working on my memoir for the MA (as well as for personal reasons) and the time period I am focusing on is before and just after they are born. Wow, does time fly.

I am also going to visit my old college buddy and former roommate J. tomorrow-- I cannot believe 12 years flew by since I first met him. 12 years! We still laugh about our freshman follies like they happened yesterday. Time to create some new stories to tell. The macaroni and cheese one is getting old.

I have been at my job a year as of a few weeks ago. I can't believe how time flies.

Time flies by so quick- and I know that all the fun I have this weekend will also be just a memory.

Happy 4th of July everyone. I can't wait to eat some burnt hot dogs this weekend. That's seriously my fave part of 4th of July. Oh, that's right. Last year I failed at being a vegetarian around this time because of hot dogs. Not a cheesesteak, not a T-bone steak, not fliet, not prime rib. A freakin' Ballpark hotdog. Mmmmm.

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Kim said...

It's cool. I hope to have burnt hot dog or two myself this weekend. Happy 4th! be Safe