Tuesday, August 5, 2008

An Action-Packed Weekend: Drinks, Music & War (Paintball, that is)

Some weekends I sleep the weekend away. You know, R&R to the fullest extent. Sleep. Nap. Read. Eat. Nap. Sleep.

This weekend though, I realized how much fun you can have actually being awake!

Friday, I had a great time with co-workers at the Arena Bar & Grill- we kinda got the VIP treatment from the staff there, which was quite awesome. Tomorrow, the owners of Arena are having the grand opening of their second location, Metro Bar & Grill in Dallas, PA-- I am pretty sure a bunch of co-workers are going to head up to help them kick off their new location. I am uber-excited because not only is this new bar near work, but also very close to my new apartment, so maybe I found my new local bar. By the way, I blogged in more detail on my company's blog here.

Saturday, I headed to Bethlehem to meet three of my Wilkes creative writing gals-- we spent the whole day at Bethlehem Musikfest, which is going on all week. It's probably one of the largest music festivals there are.... We had an amazing day watching artisians, eating wonderful food, listening to great music and catching up on where we are with our books/screenplays.

I love these ladies so it was so great to see everyone again. Two of us stayed the night at the other's house- had some great pot roast stew her husband made (complete with veggies from their garden) and we fell asleep watching a horror movie. Incredible day- side bar- we saw a kick ass Celtic rock band called Finn's Fury. The band rocked-- check them out here. I bought their CD after the first song. I wanted to stay longer for their show, but we only had one day at the fest, so we wanted to continue to walk around. We got all sorts of samples- Wii socks, toothpaste, Burt's Bees stuff and fans from the to-be-opened-in-2009 Sands Casino.

The next morning, Sunday I was off to v2.o of Cactus Paintball- we had a smaller group this time, but it was still a blast. I drove to Skirmish U.S.A right from Bethlehem. I blogged about it on the company blog here-- but man, it sure was a good time. I bought my first paintball gear- a mask. The rental wasn't tight enough and kept fogging up, so I sprung he 29.99 and got my own- worked out much better.

After Skirmish, since I drove myself, I was able to pick up two hitchhikers- they were young teens, maybe 13 or 14, my brother and sister's age. They were lugging their paintball bags and had their thumbs up, so I gave them a ride-- they would have had to walk about eight country miles to the one kid's house. It was my good deed of the day. However, I got turned around in their development and ended up in Brodheadsville- I know the area, just didn't know the development would put me down that far-- so by the time I made it back to 115 near Long Pond- they had blocked the road to let out the race traffic from the PA 500 so I had to detour and thus ended up in some traffic. So, I ended up being an hour behind my friends to meet them for beer and wings. So much for karma.

The weekend didn't seem to end- Monday I hit up Hops and then the new casino and tonight I went bowling. We had some beer and pizza- and I was so starving from my shopping excursion after work, that I had to get a bag of Bugles from the vending macine while waiting for the pizza-- and guess what! Taped to my Bugles was a coupon for a free game of bowling! I won a prize!! Booyah!!

I had so much fun the past few days and got to hang out with so many great people!! I think I need to sleep, but needed to blog before I forgot!!

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