Wednesday, August 27, 2008

They Have Arrived

Just to follow up from my blog post from the other day. My Amazon books have arrived. Three days early! Woo hoo. Now that I have four new books, it only makes my decision harder of what book to start reading. Of course, as a reader commented today on my last post, I am obligated to read the company book club choice first. His wife had suggested picking a name out of a hat, which is a democratic way to decide. I may have to do that because I really don't know how to pick.

But wait. I guess I did kinda pick. I was just too curious and couldn't sleep, so I did start to read the OED book and I am quite amused. I made it up to Chapter F, which in numerics, would be Chapter 6. Twenty more to go. I laughed outloud which always makes me feel kinda funny when I am home alone. My cat hears me, sure, but does she really now what a laugh is. I wish animals could laugh.

I didn't want to get invested into reading a book when I have to start Three Cups of Tea, but my book club mates haven't received their copies yet, so I didn't want to get ahead. So now I am trapped. I started another book. I must read Chapter F-Z fast. It's a quick read, so I think I can have it done by the weekend.

So, has anyone read any of the books I just bought? Any recommendations?

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