Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Preparation for my new license, including lip waxing

I am two days late on getting my new driver's license. My temporary internet ID expired on 8/4. (read through July's entries to read more about the license stuff!) But I have good reason for not making it to the center for the picture. Nope. I have not been ill. I did not have jury duty. I was not serving in the Peace Corps. My reason is: I was in dire need of a hair cut. I didn't want the next four years of my life to include showing an ID with straggly hair.

So, today after work, I found a salon that does not require appointments. I got my hairs cut. The usual (well, I only seem to make time to get my hair actually cut and styled twice a year s so I guess technically its not my 'usual'- Gosh, I really need to spend more time on myself)- long layers and framed around my face, only this time I added side bangs. I know that when I wake up tomorrow and shower and attempt to blowdry while styling, it won't look like it does now. But anyway, Jenny did a nice job.

What goes along with a haircut? Well, I like going to the nail places to get that done. So, off to Dallas Nails. I pull up and see the guy tugging at the open sign's string. The light turned off. The door was open, so from a distance I hollered out, "Oh no! Are you closing?"

The man looked at me and said, "Eyebrows? No- go on in."

Wow. Was it that obvious? Maybe I wanted a pedicure. Maybe I wanted a color change on my nails. Nope. This guy was good. From several yards away he managed to spot my need, to catch a glimpse of my bushy unibrow. And to top it off, the woman who made my eyebrows beautiful asked, "Lip too?" This is the third time I went here and got her. So I said, "Sure." I wasn't too embarrassed being this was the third time she pointed out my light, blonde, hairy upper lip.

So today- I lost hair on my head, hair on my brows and hair on my lip. Kind of reminds me I need to shave my legs.


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