Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another Writer's Retreat this Labor Day Weekend! Second Annual!

I can't believe it has been one year since the first time my fellow Wilkes creative writers and I have gotten together for a retreat! Last Labor Day, my friend Mike S. invited us out to his house in Western Pa. We had a blast- you can read all about it here from my blog archives. Some nice pics, too.
Then, in April, we all got together again- even a few more of us than the first time- for a houseboat weekend at Raystown Lake in Central PA. Equally an awesome time. Here is my post-trip post on that.

This Labor Day, we're celebrating our second annual Jan09 Cohort Labor Day Outing-- doing something in Eastern PA- In Amish Country, Gap, PA to be exact. We're chipping in to rent a big house for three days-- we're gonna eat, brainstorm, read, critque, help, write, play games, party a little I am sure and enjoy some relaxing time in the hot tub or just in the quiet Amish country. There are almost 30 in our cohort group, but a small group of us- about 10 (including two spouses) are coming along for the fun! I can't wait-- I am all packed. Well mostly packed. And I am sure I will forget something. And I have to stop for groceries and beer along the way. Tonight, I have been deciding what I want to read to the group. I have a few chapters I want to read to entertain, and then a few I could use some help with-- so I am torn.
A sidebar to this is we were originally going to rent a home that was suspected to be haunting, but the property manager failed to update the website- the house was no longer available for rent. That was a big bummer because I was secretly thrilled about waking up in the middle of the night with a scary looking girl jumping rope in my room. But it really doesn't matter where we are- a friend's house, a house boat or a haunted house- it's about the time together!

I can't tell you how much these weekends mean to me- and I am sure the others. Time is ticking- we graduate in January! Some of us are considering sticking in the Wilkes program for one more year to do the M.F.A. in Creative Writing. I almost want to do it not for the additional degree or teaching credentials, but to be around my comrades of composition one more year. I know that this group we have is tight and we'll stay in touch the best we can, but I am going to soak up these retreats we do, the actual classroom/seminar time we have on campus each January and June and the online correspondence with my mentors and friends.

Oh- here's some pics and info on where I will be this weekend:

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