Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fear of Flying--- But I'll Fly Anyway, Plus Gambling

I've flown many times. I've even jumped out of a plane before. However, everytime I have to fly, I get nervous. Very, very nervous. But, once I am up in the air, there's nothing I can do. My strategy is that I sleep. I learned as a kid that sleeping gets you there quicker, whether it is a car ride home from grandmom's or for Christmas morning to come.

I finally booked my flight to Tulsa. I think I waited until the last week to book the flight because of my fear. I leave Thursday night and will return Monday night-- you can read a few blog posts down about what I plan to do. I haven't been on a plane since 2005. Wish me luck.

A few years ago, I flew to Vegas and joked with the people in line that I was gambling with my life by getting on the plane, and I wasn't even in Vegas yet... a few people thought it was funny and a few others gave me evil sneers. At any rate, I figured that would be a good segue into talking about the "new" Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs. The temporary casino has been open for years, but just a few weeks ago, the full casino opened. I checked it out on Monday- didn't win anything but I had a good time. I checked out Bar Louie after I lost my allotted gambling funds... it rocked. My kind of place- lots of beer on tap, casual atmosphere and a great menu.

I had Mom's Meatloaf fo $11.95-- it was two large slices of meatloaf (with that bbq glaze sauce, kinda like the stuff I make) atop a large serving of REAL mashed potatoes and then the dish was topped with peas. The meatloaf was amazing- had mushrooms pouring out of it. The potatoes were so creamy and buttery. My pal for the night had a burger which he said was good. We shared a Cookie-tini for dessert-- it was a HUGE martini glass (bigger than my head) filled with six large chocolate chip cookies stuck in a huge pile of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream and chocolate syrup. The service was very attentive and friendly. I want to go back- just need to pass the slots. There were lots of other dining choices there too, everthing from hot dogs and Johnny Rockets to fine dining at Ruth Chris. You can see all the dining choices at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs here.

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