Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Ghost of My Blogging Past

I don't really think of my blog as a diary. But in a way, it kind of is. I don't really get too personal or gushy like you would in a diary, but when you go back an re-read things from months or years before, you sometimes get a good feeling. You remember the emotions that you were feeling at the time you wrote it. As someone striving to become a memoirist, I've realized how much I wished I had written more down as I've lived my life. I looked back at a post from June 2007. It was a point in my life where I was somewhat content with a job at a local career school, although I hated the fact that they didn't use computers and hated the fact that they laughed at me when I mentioned that we should try advertising online and maybe doing something with MySpace or Facebook to attract students. (Haha- I now laugh at that company because I work for a company now that "gets it.")

So, I found a post that captured my thoughts at the time I made the decision to leave that place-- and because I believed in my ideas, my goals and myself- I found such happiness. Here is what I wrote in June 2007:

NOW SOME ADVICE FROM DONNA FOR ANYONE WHO NEEDS A PUSH:So, I was really thinking about how happy I am that I stood up for my choice in leaving my job. For those that don't know "The Man" (as I collectively call corporate America) wasn't gonna let me take off the last Friday of the residency. I don't think anyone with heart and soul would let The Man stand in the way of their dreams. Unhappy with other 'goings-ons' at the place, I decided that because they didn't see the value in letting me take off one measly day and missing a mandatory training, I gave my two weeks notice.What did I get in return for staying true to my heart, you ask?

1) A kick-ass new job @ Solid Cactus

2) 40+ new writing friends who understand the creative life!

3) Some great new writing mentors

4) A few people who I think will be close friends for life

5) Tons o' fun & lots
'o memories and jokes

6) 3 credits toward my master's

7) Motivation and energy

8) Ideas

And to think I would have traded eight hours of corporate training for all that! I made the right choice and I absolutely can't wait to continue on with this program. I seriously think this will change my life. Screw The Man. Let's write. Someone is smiling down on me....

I guess getting ready to spend more time with the peeps I met right before I wrote this last year is really reinforcing my decision. Since then,
not only has my writing grown, friendships blossomed, but things
career-wise have been awesome too. Hmmm. Think I'm happy??


Big Fish said...

You know, it's funny but I was just thinking about this very thing.

Just having moved to NYC, I don't really have many friends. I sit and re-read a lot of stuff I've written in the past in my spare time. I read old journals from when I was 13 and 14. I read my old blogs from the summer right after high school.

It's amazing how much we forget, and what feelings we've experienced that get lost with the emergence of new feelings.

For example, I read a blog today that I wrote on March 1st about this song that was played at the bar, and how I felt when I heard it. The blog was also about how BADLY I wanted to help my one bartender, who is now one of my best friends. I wanted to help her find happiness again. She was in a terrible relationship and seemed so desolate and miserable. Well, as it turned out, months later, I did help her with that very thing. She, nowadays, thanks me for helping her realize just how free and passionate she really is.

I suppose it's a good feeling-- re-reading what you once wrote and then seeing what has become of your experiences, and how your feelings and relationships develop.

Sometimes I think I should just publish my blog in a book as is.

That may have been a tangent, but long story short, I get what you're sayin' kiddo. Keep writing. I'll keep reading.


Kim Herron said...

I'm glad your doing something you really, really enjoy.

What I've learned here is that I should start a daily blog (or as daily as I can get). I kept a diary as a teen and had one in college, but that's about it. I have some random blogs on MySpace, but nothing regular. One of my MySpace friends is keeping my messages that I've sent to him and he said he's going to send them back to me one day so I can see what I wrote. How cool is that?

I have lots of things going on in life right now. I love's theraputic for sure. I think writing more will help me with some decisions I have to make and help me refine some goals and ways to accomplish my goals.

Thanks for writing ;)