Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cool site where you can win prizes

I was just cruising through the blogging community and came across a pretty cool blog from someone with a similar name to mine, LaDonna. At any rate, I followed a link from a button on her site that said, "Win with me on Blingo."

I was curious. I like to win prizes. I buy raffles every time I get a chance. I love Chinese auctions. I guess in those "how many X-things are in the jar" contests. You get the idea.

Blingo is run by Publisher's Clearing House-- it's a search engine powered by Google-- each time you search you have a chance to win a prize-- movie tickets, iTunes gift certificates, etc. And, every time someone you refer wins, you win the same prize. It's a pretty cool site- I joined. Hopefully I won't be blasted with Spam, but I don't think they do that. I added that same button to the right over there, at the top of my nav bar. Check it out!

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