Monday, July 2, 2007

Creative Writing: Part II-- never give up!

Mr. Joe Cetta, a graduate posted some pics on his MySpace from our After Party. And that's capitilized for a reason.. Hello! Total proper noun there! Thanks, Joe for sharing and for being so kind and insightful to us newbies! Oh. P.S. I borrowed one. --->


So, I was really thinking about how happy I am that I stood up for my choice in leaving my job. For those that don't know "The Man" (as I collectively call corporate America) wasn't gonna let me take off the last Friday of the residency. I don't think anyone with heart and soul would let The Man stand in the way of their dreams. Unhappy with other 'goings-ons' at the place, I decided that because they didn't see the value in letting me take off one measly day and missing a mandatory training, I gave my two weeks notice.

What did I get in return for staying true to my heart, you ask?

1) A kick-ass new job @ Solid Cactus
2) 40+ new writing friends who understand the creative life!
3) Some great new writing mentors
4) A few people who I think will be close friends for life
5) Tons o' fun & lots 'o memories and jokes
6) 3 credits toward my master's
7) Motivation and energy

8) Ideas

And to think I would have traded eight hours of corporate training for all that! I made the right choice and I absolutely can't wait to continue on with this program. I seriously think this will change my life. Screw The Man. Let's write. Someone is smiling down on me....
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B the Enemy said...

Man...a guy goes away for a few days of knife fighting in Florida and everybody goes crazy on him. But SERIOUSLY, I just got caught up on the new events, and am awed by your awesomeness! I am expecting big things! Go get 'em!

Donna T. said...

Thanks so much man-- I just posted to your blog I think simultaneously-- you couldn't have replied that fast. That's wierd! We're in the twighlight zone, here! I just told you how much of awe I am in of your work!