Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Adventurous Lunch

No. It wasn't as adventurous as the time Myles and I walked to the new Mexican place in downtown Wilkes-Barre through the ghetto and a shoplifter running with perfume bottles falling out of her shirt ran between us, the manager (who I ended up knowing) running behind asking which way she went... that was an adventure. I wanted to chase her, but my friend Myles said no, let's just go back to campus. That day, he began calling me Adventurous Donna.

Today's adventure was just trying something new: SUSHI.

I did it. I ate rate fish. And I liked it. I will probably hit up Wegman's again. Maybe tomorrow. I always wanted to try it, just never did. I had a veggie roll that last time I went for Japanese-- it appeared as if I was eating sushi, yet aha! There was no raw fish. That was just a few weeks ago. My boss goes for sushi for lunch quite often. Today, on a whim, I joined him and just jumped in.

I tried the hot tuna roll, as he suggested was a non-fishy tasting kind. He showed me how to prepare it-- drizzle soy sauce over each piece, then with the wide part of our chopsticks put a small dab of wasabi on each piece, then top it with ginger. Then, pick each one up one at a time and put the whole thing in your mouth to get all the flavor at once.

I knew if I thought about it too much, I'd hesitate. And if I hesitated, I'd have given him mine to take home and I'd have just drank my soda. Instead, I just dug in. And boy and I glad I did. It tasted creamy. The flavors of rice, seaweed, ginger, wasabi, soy sauce and the spicy tuna collided in my mouth-- it was wonderful.

I told Chris that next time I go for Japanese I don't have to run for the Hibachi grill side-- I have options!! And I don't have to pretend I am eating sushi by opting for the veggie roll. (Althought that kicks ass, too). I told him that I went skydiving a few years ago-- and I wasn't afraid to do that, but here, I was afraid to put fresh, raw tuna in my mouth. Go figure.

My New Palate

My taste in food has changed since I was a youngster. I was never cultured at home. My mom's cooking was amazing, but it was too American. Sometimes I would eat other types of food at friend's houses-- but was usually to scared to try anything. Like ordering just white rice at a Chinese place or chicken fingers at Red Lobster.

But after I went to college, I just was open to almost everything. Then, I took a Food & Culture class as a sociology elective and learned so much about food-- ever since then, I've been open to trying really anything. And I am SOOO glad. I don't know why I was so afraid. I love Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Mediterranean... and there is so much more I need to try!! I just don't live in an area that has these places available. So, when I travel, I hit up the ethinic places.

I think for school lunches, kids should be exposed to foods from other cultures-- different spices and blends because many do not get that at home. That's why kids menues only have chicken fingers, hot dogs and grilled cheese. Then those kids turn into picky adults and miss out on all sorts of great things!

So, having sushi for lunch now has me lobbying to change the national school lunch program.



B the Enemy said... loves sushi. I got my six year to eat sashimi with me. He's partial to tuna and salmon. If you EVER get the chance, ask for Baby Tako on seaweed salad. It will look horrible, but taste immaculate. You have to just trust me on this. Even with the tiny little octo-leggies sticking out and all.
(P.S. I put up a longer piece on the blog. I think you might like it. =) )

LeeAndrew said...

I used to be picky about food too but one day I went out to lunch with one of my friends and he insisted on Thai food. It was amazing.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, are just picky. Their tastebuds are always changing though, which is why a kid can love spaghetti and just one day out of the blue declare "Mommy, I don't like spaghetti...ewww!"

I see your idea about the school lunch program, but maybe 1 in 50 kids might take a stab at it.

I think as we grow up, our beliefs that we held so tightly too seem to loosen a bit. We discard the beliefs that are no longer serving us well, and we explore new beliefs. I think it's just that crazy thing called maturity. It gives rise to all sorts of new explorations....including sushi. LOL!!

Have a happy...
nikki regan