Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Creative Writing: Part III-- Pics from Angie

All of us 501-er's owe Angie Eckhart big time for capturing some memories of our final night together. She snapped and shared some pics from our Friday night banquet and after-party @ Keenan's. There are just a few of the pics! Thanks, Angie!!

This is Carol, Jon Rocks, Anna, Ryan, Mike Suppa and Angie. I had a blast with these guys. We went out for Mediterranean several times and have some great 'study' groups!

Three of my new favorite boys!! Remember these faces- Rocks, Suppa and Ryan will be famous one day! They had me in hysterics most of the week.

A few more of my new pals- Kim, my roomie Nicole, me, Mary and Russ! Awesome folks!

Can you tell this was from the after party? Anna wrapped Mike Suppa's head in her scarf. Too funny.

As Jonny Rocks, our Philly boy displays, all writers need a moleskine. He had his at all times. He was either collecting dirt on us, or material for a screenplay... or both!

I went around the bar and did one of my famous bar napkin jokes-- everyone was hysterical as you can see from this picture of Mike falling on the ground, me about to fall on the ground and my other new favorite guy, Scott-- only his elbow made the picture! What was the joke? That's top secret. I want YOU to fall for it one day, too. (Samara from islands of Washington state is on the left...)

I saved this pic for last because of the uncanny nature. The first night we had a mixer with the 'older' students (those who were graduating) and one of them was poet Craig Czury. He looks like my dad, dresses like my dad, has a demeanor like my dad-- and lives in the same town as my dad. And he is adopted.... needless to say, he and I had a connection that week. He's awesome. Also, he's artsy and free-spirited like my dad. I told him about my dad's book shop, so I hope Craig stops by and they can become pals. (My buddy Tim McLoughlin, who is already published is in the background.)

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