Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Children of Illegal Immigrants Deserve a Chance- Dream Act 2007

I heard a story on NPR this afternoon relating to a immigration bill. I heard this America Dream Act 2007 (H.R.1275) discussed before on NPR and I guess today congress voted on it-- and it failed by eight votes. This upsets me. Mostly because I think all kids should have a chance for a quality life and future, no matter what wrong their parents have done.

To bring anyone up to speed, this Dream Act would put children of immigrants on the path to citizenship. I guess this would have the potential to help 1.1 million young people become citizens. But before you holler and scream, this act has some measures that give some motivation to not just make these kids American citizens, but BETTER citizens and there are guidelines.

-They must have arrived in America when they were 15 years or younger,
-They must have lived here at least five years
-They must complete at least two years of college or two years in the military (my goodness- that's more than millions of true Americans do!)

I live in Northeast PA and am a supporter of Hazleton mayor's Lou Barletta's stance on illegal immigration. I do not think anyone should be here illegally. But the bottom line is- the children who come with these folks are only doing what their parents tell them to do. A four-year-old does not know well enough to say, "It's illegal to go to America. I am not going." These children are not here on their own accord and should not be punished for it as they grow up.

Senator Harry Reid, who sponsored the Dream Act said these children should not be penalized for the fault of their parents and that most of these children don't even remember their home countries. To me, that makes perfect sense.
I don't think, like some opposers say, that this act would put "illegals" ahead of US citizens, nor is it an amnesty bill. This is not giving amnesty to just anyone.

Another Dream Act sponsor, Senator Dick Durbin said to look into the eyes of these children. The soundbyte from Durbin on NPR today, when he said, "Give these kids a chance..." you could hear his voice crack. To me, this shows that he has some real heart into this matter. Some people care deeply for the future of our children, and others-- like those who oppose the Dream Act- do not.

SIGN THE PETITION & Support the Dream Act!

I just signed a petition to show my support for this. You should too.

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Anonymous said...

I'm on the fence with this one.. Seems to me it would give illegals just one more reason to want to come here.. No I don't think the children should have to "pay"..but the parents are still reponsible for them and their children.